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iLive adopted by key Russian sound engineers

iLive has been a hit with a number of Russian sound engineers recently.

21 October 2010

Russia - iLive was employed for two large scale concerts organised by Russian-Cuban cultural project Havana Calling, founded by Russian singer and composer Leonid Agutin and Cuban flutist Orlando "Maraca" Valle. The first concert was held on Cathedral Square in Havana and the second at the prestigious Kremlin Concert Hall in Moscow.

Sound engineer, Robert Boim, employed an iLive system at both events for FOH, monitors, and live recording of the full 62 channels via a MADI plug-in card. Two iDR-32 MixRacks were positioned on stage - one for drums, percussion, bass and guitar inputs, and a second managing keys and vocals - digitally split for separate FOH and monitor mixing. Boim used his tablet PC running iLive Editor control software to manage the Havana concert, and a combination of an iLive-T112 surface and Editor at the Moscow concert.

"iLive provides mobility and robust construction, an 'analogue-like' user friendly interface and sound of the highest quality," enthuses Boim. "The sound was perfect due to iLive's high quality preamps and EQ."

Boim also recently selected an iLive system, comprising an iDR-32 MixRack and iLive-T80 Control Surface, for the bands Guru Groove Foundation and KOOQLA, who appeared on TV Show Parny Progon. The weekly music show features key artists and bands, and is broadcast on Russia's A-ONE TV channel. iLive managed live mixing and multi-track recording for both artists.

iLive has also been adopted by several other key Russian sound engineers who have selected the system for many of their recent touring projects.

Yury Astafiev, sound engineer for famous Russian pop singer Dima Bilan, chose iLive for the artist's recent national tour. Bilan was winner of Eurovision 2008 and is multiple winner of MTV Russia's 'Best Singer' award. The iLive system, comprising an iDR-32 MixRack and iLive-T80 Control Surface, managed both FOH and monitor mixing.

Also, sound engineer, Vladimir Gubatov, used an iLive system for a major concert of iconic artist, Inna Zhelannaya, held in the hall of The Central House of Artist museum in Moscow. Comprising an iDR-48 MixRack and iLive-T80 Surface, Gubatov managed FOH and monitor mixes from the system.

(Claire Beeson)



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