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Vicoustic releases acoustic measurement software

ViTUNE is designed to help both audio professionals and hi-fi enthusiasts

30 November 2011

Portugal -- Acoustic solutions manufacturer Vicoustic has released ViTUNE, the company's first acoustic measurement software. More than simply a measurement tool, ViTUNE is designed to help both audio professionals and hi-fi enthusiasts tune their rooms without requiring specialist training.

Based on a simple 'traffic light' indication system, room measurement is carried out in four easy steps via the software's intuitive interface. Configure the sound card, test the signal level, enter the room dimensions and click Go! For customers with more experience of acoustic analysis, the software also includes an Advanced section showing results for full frequency response, smoothed frequency, impulse response, reverb time and energy time curve.

As well as measuring the room, ViTUNE also indicates how much treatment should be used to improve the overall acoustic. Two choices of product are offered for fixing reverberation time problems and controlling first reflections. ViTUNE also shows the exact frequency to which Vari Bass, Vicoustic's portable stand-alone bass trap should be tuned.

ViTUNE is currently available free of charge on the Windows platform. A Mac version is due for release during Q2 2012.

(Jim Evans)


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