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Technomad expands integrator options

The PowerChiton breakout box begins shipping 1 July

16 May 2012

USA - Technomad will introduce several new product accessories at InfoComm 2012 to complement its advanced audio solutions range. The innovative tools give systems integrators and end users flexible new options to simplify Technomad installations in stadiums, on college campuses and across other indoor/outdoor facilities, says the company.

Technomad will show a weatherproof breakout box and Apple AirPort Express audio streaming compatibility for its range of PowerChiton amplifier modules. The company will also show a new stainless steel mounting solution for its high-power weatherproof loudspeaker models.

"Technomad is always seeking ways to increase the range of applications for our products, and make life easier for systems integrators by innovating solutions that address installation challenges in the field," said Rodger von Kries, vice president, Technomad.

The PowerChiton breakout box, which begins shipping 1 July, includes mic and line level inputs, a four-channel mixer, an accessory cord and mounting hardware. The breakout box also enables remote installations, such as athletic fields without a press box or other protected location, to benefit from permanently-installed, PowerChiton-based PA systems. A coach or announcer can walk up to the breakout box, open it and be speaking through the PA or playing music within seconds.

"Installers typically only open PowerChiton amplifiers to hard-wire connections and set levels, and then screw the box shut for dependable, permanent installations," said von Kries. "The PowerChiton breakout box is designed for ongoing user adjustments, with easy and direct access to controls and the capacity to store an audio player and microphone. It also provides a local audio source to make announcements and connect an iPod or other playout device."

Technomad also now supports AirPlay capability from PowerChiton for Apple AirPort Express users. This allows commercial and residential customers to wirelessly stream iTunes audio files and playlists to an AirPort Express unit within a PowerChiton amplifier or breakout box.

Technomad is now shipping a new stainless steel wall mount for its AS Series of weatherproof, advanced audio loudspeakers. The AS Series consists of the largest and most powerful Technomad loudspeakers, including the Noho and all Berlin models (broad and narrow-dispersion).

Technomad will also show a range of existing advanced audio solutions, including its ultra-lightweight DragonFly remote audio system; and its Schedulon audio playback and recording system.

(Jim Evans)


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