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Sunpower driver range features Triac option

Triac dimming LED driver from Sunpower

13 October 2010

UK - Sunpower (UK)'s new indoor range of LED drivers includes the AC Dimming (or phase cut) LED Driver product, which features compatibility with ordinary Triac dimmers. This makes 1 - 100% dimmable LED lighting as easy to install as traditional conventional dimming lights, says the company. Unlike earlier designs, these drivers require just a simple leading edge dimmer for dimming control, eliminating the need for external DC control circuits and additional installation rewiring. The dimming LED Driver's output voltage and current variants give contractors a wide choice of easy to install LED driving options.

This completely new extension to Sunpower's LED driver line-up comprises a new wave of the PCC Constant Current and PCV Constant Voltage Driver ranges as well as the AC Dimming LED Drivers. This allows an optimum mix of product outputs, voltages and functionality to fullfil projects of any size.

Safety and compliance issues are also fully covered. All products are SELV (Separated Extra Low Voltage) equivalent and IEC Protection Class ll insulated. They feature safe no-load operation, and have overload, short-circuit and overheating protection. They are certified to EN 61347-1 and EN 61347-2-13 safety standards as well as EN 55015, EN 61000-3-2, EN 61000-3-3 and EN 61547 EMC limits.

All of the products work from a 220-240 VAC mains supply, and most will accept mains inputs from 100 to 240 VAC. Output power ratings from 3 W to 17 W are available, and the Constant Current range has an option with 2 - 34 VDC variable output and other output voltage limits.

(Jim Evans)


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