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Sound & Light Guys add DiGiCo SD9s

Sound & Light Guys Ged and Freddie Fitzpatrick

26 October 2012

UK - Although the old rhyme would have you believe that you will find a fine lady upon a white horse in the Oxfordshire town of Banbury, nowadays you're far more likely to find an event enjoying all the sonic benefits of a pair of DiGiCo SD9 consoles.

Recently purchased by production company Sound & Light Guys, the purchase of the two consoles and their associated D-Racks was the result of lengthy deliberations by co-owners Ged and Freddie Fitzpatrick.

"It took us several years to decide to change from analogue consoles, the reason being that a lot of the digital desks we listened to had that typical 'digital' sound," says Ged. "When we first heard the sound of the top of the range DiGiCo SD7, we realised that was the way to go. But, as we do mid range acts, the more compact SD9 was the best package for us."

With the same sonic quality as the SD7 and supplied with the latest Supercharged software, the SD9s have already been used on a number of events including Rick Wakeman, Scouting For Girls, Adam Ant, Paralympics and have been enthusiastically received by all the engineers who have used them.

"The desks are fantastic to use. They are lightweight, the sound is superb and they are very user friendly. The big touch screen makes them very easy to operate," says Ged. "The SD9s size and ease of use have also reduced our transport and personnel costs."

(Jim Evans)


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