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Sensaphonics hires sound engineer

Joe Tessone will advise customers on the implementation of in-ear monitoring

16 July 2012

USA - Sensaphonics has announced the hiring of Joe Tessone as the company's new audio engineering consultant. In his role as Sensaphonics sound guy, Tessone will advise customers on the implementation of in-ear monitoring, handling questions ranging from the basic to the highly technical, helping ensure a positive IEM experience.

Joe Tessone, 27, is a 2007 graduate of the Audio Arts and Acoustics programme at Columbia College Chicago, with specialties in Audio Design and Production. In addition to his duties at Sensaphonics, he owns a commercial studio, Mystery Street Recording Company, and is the audio archivist at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago. He is also a performing musician, most recently as singer/songwriter for the eclectic punk band Behold!, and as banjo/ukulele player for an Americana music group, the Rust Belt Ramblers.

"I'm a big believer in healthy hearing," says Tessone."Our ears are the most important tools we have. Just as it would be crazy for a welder to work without eye protection, it is just as dangerous for us in the music industry to work without protecting our ears," he says. "I own two pair of custom Musicians Earplugs, the ER-15, and always have one with me."

Sensaphonics president Michael Santucci commented, "Having a sound engineer on staff is a big help to our customers, and Joe Tessone really stood out as the obvious choice. Being a performing musician with strong engineering skills and customer focus means that Joe has the breadth of knowledge and perspective required for the role of Sound Guy."

(Jim Evans)


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