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Sensaphonics Golden Circle adds two

The Golden Circle seminar is taught by Dr. Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics president and founder

13 August 2012

USA - Sensaphonics has graduated two more audiologists to its Golden Circle. The company's two-day Golden Circle seminar teaches audiologists the specific skills required to serve music industry clientele regarding hearing protection, in-ear monitors, and related topics.

The audiologists gaining Golden Circle certification at the seminar, held 28-29 July at Sensaphonics headquarters in Chicago, include Stelios Dokianakis of Holland Doctors of Audiology in Holland, Michigan, and Jennifer Dionneof Comprehensive Otolaryngology & Audiology, serving Portsmouth and Exeter, New Hampshire.

The Golden Circle seminar is taught by Dr. Michael Santucci, Sensaphonics president and founder, along with the company's audio engineering consultant, Joe Tessone. Participants are taught the basics of concert sound systems, with specific emphasis on in-ear monitoring.

Dr. Michael Santucci comments, "Musicians are very different from the typical audiology client. "It's important that audiologists elevate themselves beyond simply taking ear impressions and offer musicians the knowledge and expertise to use in-ear monitors safely and preserve their hearing. Our Golden Circle members are among the few who have the specialized training to serve these clients properly, whether in the office or backstage. Artists and engineers can be confident of getting professional service that is appropriate to their needs and lifestyle when seeing a Golden Circle audiologist."

(Jim Evans)


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