Projected Image Digital announces Versa TILE deal

L to R David March and Rob Fowler of Projected Image Digital, and on the right of the pic is Claas Ernst, MD of Element Labs Europe

31 October 2003

UK - Digital media solutions specialists Projected Image Digital has announced a preferred dealer agreement with Element Labs for its Versa TILE product. Versa TILE - a colour mixing light tile that utilises video inputs - was launched at PLASA 2003 where it won the PLASA 2003 Product Excellence Award for Design Excellence in Lighting.

In keeping with Projected Image Digital's profile at the cutting-edge of digital media technology, Versa TILE is an important and complimentary addition to the PID range, which includes Catalyst, RADlite, D-Tek and an ever-expanding selection of digital content. Negotiations started at PLASA in September, and the deal was confirmed last week in London. PID's David March and Rob Fowler have known Element Labs' Nils Thorjussen and Claas Ernst for several years - all four previously worked together at High End Systems.

"Versa TILE is an innovative and exciting product, and both companies recognize the synergy of ideas that are emerging, combining lighting and digital media effects in all areas," says March. "It was a natural step forward for us to combine forces and energies with Element Labs, following an enormously successful PLASA for both companies. Having an output device onboard will fit our 'solutions' package perfectly, along with the control systems and the content."

PID ran three days of tightly focussed open days last week to launch the Versa TILE deal, and also to introduce key lighting designers, directors and creative people to this and other new PID products. The latter included a series of new digital gobos, which can also be used as playback material for the Versa TILE.

Claas Ernst, managing director of Element Labs Europe, came to PID's Three Mills Island base in East London to tie up the deal and to demonstrate the product. He said: "Projected Image are perfect partners, as suppliers of integrated digital solutions packages. With PID being a full systems integrator that works close with designers and architects we also want to offer them the opportunity to evolve and develop projects with Versa TILE outside the UK if this is of benefit to the end-user."

(Sarah Rushton-Read)



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