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Peer Gynt with the Dynacord Cobra

17 November 2006

Norway - Since 1989, the performance of Peer Gynt in Gålå has been one of the highlights of the Norwegian open-air season. This year, over 150,000 spectators made a pilgrimage to the open-air stage to enjoy Ibsen's celebrated drama, set to music by Edvard Grieg. The idyllic lakeside setting, framed by mountains and forests, made the play a truly unforgettable experience. With no cars, or trains, or city noise to distract the listener, it seemed every word spoken and every note played was expressed with a far greater intensity than in the theatres, concert halls and opera houses of the major cities.

Naturally, the organisers were aware of the unique acoustics prior to the event, so they asked MultiTechnic to provide a sonic image that, according to Erik S. Landsem of the Oslo-based sound specialists, "would appear to be issuing not from the loudspeakers, but from the lake behind the stage-and in CD quality, too!" The fact that the strict noise control regulations enforced prohibited lengthy tests and soundchecks hardly made the task any easier.

The team from MultiTechnic employed a Dynacord Cobra-4 system to cover the performers-an orchestra of 30 musicians, a choir of 40 singers, and a cast of 100 actors-and positioned four Dynacord D12 cabinets at the end of the stage, which combined with the Cobra to create the desired illusion: a sonic image that "seemed to be coming from all sides," rather than the loudspeakers themselves. We managed to achieve a powerful orchestral sound in the open air!" recalls Landsem. The organisers and audiences both acknowledged that this was no mean feat: "After every single performance," Landsem adds, "the sound performance was the subject of fulsome praise."

(Chris Henry)


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