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PLASA09: XLNT to debut advanced control system

2 September 2009

UK/The Netherlands - A new and advanced hoist motor control system will be unveiled at PLASA09, where XLNT Advanced Technologies launches its PowerMotion DS8 Pro and Pro Plus Series Solid State Motor Controllers.

The DS8 Pro Series "provides every essential option for controlling standard electrical entertainment chain hoists", with more advanced options and total multi-unit flexibility available in the Pro Plus version, including the separate DSR 8x8 64-motor hand remote. Both types offer a major benefit to professional riggers - maintenance-free reliability thanks to the solid state design, says the company.

Designed primarily for top-flight rental applications but equally suited to fixed installations, the DS8 Series is designed around the practical experience and requirements of leading riggers, to the rigging industry's highest standards of safety, protection and reliability.

Each DS8 Motor Controller can control up to eight Direct Control (DC) or Low Voltage Control chain hoists, and features a Solid State MCB per individual motor/channel plus adjustable maximum power output up to 9 Amps - an industry-leading output for hoists up to 4kW. The highest level of safety and protection is provided by the integrated PL D, ISO 13849-1, CWA 15902-1 and SIL2 compliant Emergency Stop System.

XLNT will also show its CyberHoist intelligent, millimetre-precise hoist system, which allows non-stop, whisper-quiet operation for hours, and meets the toughest international safety standards. A CyberHoist system will be in action at PLASA09 under the command of the dedicated XLNT InMotion3D software running on a CyberHoist PS Production System.

CyberHoist has been out this year with a host of artists including Madonna, Britney Spears, Laura Pausini, and the Sensation Arena Dance spectaculars.

The third product series on show will be the XLNT DataMotion range of Ethernet Switches, DMX/Ethernet Nodes, and DMX Booster/Splitters, dedicated designs for entertinament rental and touring applications.

(Jim Evans)


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