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PLASA 2012: Tait's landscape video Pixel Tablets

17 August 2012

UK - Tait's Landscape Video system consists of hand held pixel tablets each containing nine LED pixels; all of which can be individually programmed and viewed at angles of 180 degrees horizontally and vertically. Tablets are IP65 rated as well as being EC and EMC compliant, and recyclable holders can be created for each tablet. "Landscape video opens unlimited opportunities for the use of this type of large scale LED technology in stadium video displays and architectural environments," says the company. "Audience members move from being passive spectators to becoming part of the show itself; video becoming three dimensional. Communication of any message on a large scale can be achieved without limits."

"We think this is a blank canvas that event organisers are really going to enjoy," says Carol Scott, director of sales and marketing, Tait Technologies. "Having resolved the logistical problems down to manageable and affordable proportions, this becomes a realistic tool with which to enhance your event communication."

(Claire Beeson)



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