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PLASA 2012: State Automation showcases theatre range

16 August 2012

UK - State Automation will be showcasing their latest additions to their LED Theatre product range at PLASA 2012.

The INCAND-Air is a high power LED based downlight system developed for retrofitting into the mounting hardware of existing high power downlights, or for use as a complete luminaire for new installations.

It features a specifically developed LED light engine that is capable of producing beautiful, high CRI whites of any CCT and accurately replicates the colour temperature shift that is characteristic of traditional theatre lamps when dimmed. INCAND-AIR has the benefit of an ability to produce not only excellent whites, but rich, vivid colours and RGB.

The INCAND-Air High powered LED luminaries and AirLED control electronics were developed and designed in Australia with our technology partner Lumascape.

AIR technology allows your LED luminaire to respond in an almost intelligent manner giving you smooth dimming and the precise colours, levels and responsive performance you expect of your venue house lights.

The AIR technology, State Automation's AIRLED LED drivers and Lumascape's AIRLED light sources were developed to provide the industry with an LED light source which will both match and outperform an incandescent lamp, both in dimming performance and also in colour rendering for high performance lighting applications.

(Jim Evans)


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