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PLASA 2012: SGM - brighter, whiter, lighter launch

Drawing just 450 watts, the P-5 uses 44 high power RGBW 10W LED's outputting a total of 23,666 lumens

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4 September 2012

UK - After taking over SGM, Peter Johansen set a mandate to produce a range of new LED fixtures that would break new ground in terms of style and performance.

Among the new products the R&D team was tasked with producing was an IP66-rated fixture that "would stamp an indelible green footprint that would produce a new benchmark in terms of efficacy".

Drawing just 450 watts, the P-5 (which debuts on stand 1-G28 at PLASA 2012) uses 44 high power RGBW 10W LED's outputting a total of 23,666 lumens. This low-profile washlight stretches the output-to-consumption envelope by providing an overall efficacy factor of 52 lumens per watt (channeled through lens options of 12°, 23° and 37°. The SGM boss challenges anyone to reveal an engine that is more efficient or capable of creating a more dynamic explosion of kinetic colour.

Measuring core criteria against similar competitive products (power output, weight-mass, energy consumption/running costs) - SGM found the P-5 to be vastly superior. And with a flicker free operation it is suitable for any application.

Peter Johansen believes that the P-5 is probably the brightest LED in the world, generating the purist whites and offering a vast palette of saturated and optimized colours, generated from the high-performance RGB LEDs. It comfortably doubles the output of the popular Palco 5 (on which it was modeled) while reducing the cost.

It also boasts intelligent temperature control with optimised cooling facilities featuring a high-efficiency, low-noise mode. The set-up is user-friendly, with a simple control-button display, with easy support by means of a patented RFID implemented interface. This would allow for easy warehouse control and remote diagnostics, updating and uploading of DMX settings - even when in 'off' mode.

Finally, in standalone mode, the need for a dedicated controller is eliminated, while a standard built-in wireless DMX receiver facilitates seamless integration into any environment - requiring only the presence of power.

(Jim Evans)



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