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PLASA 2012: Prism Projection triple debut

15 August 2012

UK - Prism Projection, the multiple-award-winning manufacturer of LED lighting fixtures, will debut three new products at this year's PLASA Show in September.

Building on the strength of Prism's existing product range, all include the company's proprietary TrueSource control algorithms which monitor and correct the light output to ensure consistent colour and level from fixture to fixture and over time.

The RevEAL Studio.3 Fresnel is the third member of Prism's Studio LED family, which has already proven popular with television studios and other venues around the world. Designed to behave just like the tools lighting practitioners are already familiar with, the Studio.3 Fresnel is just like a traditional Fresnel, with a wide variable beam angle (10-90°) and the ability to shape the beam using barndoors. The fixture produces 9700 lumens of light, tunable from 2700-8000K - giving an output comparable to a traditional 2kW tungsten Fresnel while consuming just 200W of power. The Studio.3 will be available alongside the Studio.1 and Studio.2 colour mixing Fresnels.

The RevEAL Profile Jr is a new LED profile spot that offers the strengths of Prism's award-winning RevEAL Profile, including its high-quality colour mixing, in a new, compact fixture that is compatible with existing industry-standard lenstubes, giving those lenstubes an ongoing life in the LED age.

A more specialist product, but an invaluable one where its effect is required, is the new RevEAL Studio.UV Fresnel, offering the same variable beam and precise barn door cuts of the rest of the Studio Fresnel range but with an ultra-violet (365nm) light output. The LED-powered Studio.UV Fresnel offers an output comparable to 400W discharge lamps, and can be dimmed without requiring mechanical dowsers.

The RevEAL Studio.3 Fresnel, RevEAL Studio UV Fresnel and RevEAL Profile JR, as well as other products from Prism Projection, will be on show in the White Light Zone at PLASA 2012.

(Jim Evans)



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