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PLASA 2012: Nexo focus on Concert Sound series

The STM Series is Nexo's new proposition for the modern touring and rental company

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17 August 2012

UK - This year, Nexo (Stand G-20) is focussing the spotlight on its Concert Sound loudspeakers and, in particular, the Intelligent Amplification solutions that power and control them.

Four loudspeaker families are presented: the shiny new STM Series of modular line array cabinets, scalable for audiences from 1,000 to 100,000; the GEO S12 all-purpose compact line array; the radical 45° N-12 stage monitors, shaped like a wedge of Brie; and the classic PS Series, industry standards for nearly 20 years.

But in prime position at PLASA is Nexo's NUAR or Universal Amp Rack, filled with technological innovation and functionality. This is a scalable amplification solution for all Nexo concert systems, encouraging inventory standardisation among NEXO users and facilitating cross-hire opportunities.

The Nexo Universal Amp Rack contains two NXAMP4x4 amplifiers, a new Digital Patch Unit (DPU), an intelligent output patch panel, a new Digital Meter Unit (DMU), an intelligent input patch panel providing digital communication with the NXAMP, and an optional network card, Dante or EtherSound by request. The NXAMP digital processors and amplifiers are now available in a dual-voltage version for touring applications.

The NXAMP4x4 continues to be one of the industry's most powerful amplifiers. Now, after two years of work, Nexo's R&D team has generated a new family of set-ups which deliver a massive boost to its versatility. Linear phase has now been applied across the NEXO range, so users can mix and match products from early PS Series onwards. There are new FIR filters for the GEO S12 in active and passive mode, and new set-ups for the PS15 which deliver a quantum improvement in sound quality. And new FIR presets are available for NEXO's 45° N-12 stage monitor running in passive mode, which offer a significant improvement in performance as well as affordability.

In September, Nexo starts shipping its first STM systems, previewed in Frankfurt. The STM system is supplied road-ready, paired with the NUAR and its plug-and-play digital patches, real-time system monitoring and control network functionality Each NUAR will feed 12x STM modules in any combination in groups of 3.

The STM Series is Nexo's new proposition for the modern touring and rental company, the first scalable modular line array on the market. Its concept combines the best of NEXO Alpha functionality with the technical innovation of NEXO GEO waveguide designs to deliver a system that is both super-powerful, super-flexible and easy to use.

"The modularity of STM makes it truly all-purpose," says Nexo's concert sound specialist Stuart Kerrison, explaining that the badge STM stands for Scale Through Modularity. A rental provider can scale up his system from just 6 cabinets a side for a small event, to whatever is needed to handle an arena or stadium application. Even large flown arrays of main+bass+sub are so low-profile that they comply with sightline restrictions for broadcast concerts and events.

(Jim Evans)



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