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PLASA 2012: Gerriets extends textile ranges

4 September 2012

UK - Gerriets will feature a number of new products at PLASA 2012, extending its textile, screens and technical product range.

The 'stretch family' is enlarged by the new white polyester Heavystretchfabric, 500 cm wide and flame retardant according DIN 4102 B1. And among the woven glasses the new Quality 96320 represents a new extra wide quality with its 320 cm width.

Paillette adds very well to the textile collection, is studded with sequins, notes a width of 140 cm and a weight of 295 g/m² and impresses by a variety of available colours. This fabric also solves a common but often unknown problem since both the fabric and the sequins are flame-retardant according DIN 4102 B1.

Royal is a new stage velvet with silver thread, a weight of 250 g/m² and a width of 140 cm wide and available in a broad range of colours.

With its transparent matte finish, Frost is as a diffusion foil, with frost effect and ideal for backlighting at events, exhibitions, television productions, and for special effects.

The new Gerriets Batten Clew is a revolutionary flybar-compensator and load distribution device developed by the Bavarian State Opera in Munich/Germany, which allows heavy loads to be evenly distributed over several pipe battens using a theatre's existing overhead rigging systems.

(Jim Evans)


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