PLASA 2012: EasyRemote app for lighting control over a network

25 July 2012

UK - The Nicolaudie Group's smartphone and tablet software company LightingSoft AG has introduced EasyRemote-­- a smartphone and tablet app which allows users to remotely control a wide range of DMX lighting software packages over a local network. The product will be highlighted at PLASA 2012 (Earls Court, 9-12 September).

A customized screen including buttons, faders, dials, XY grids and colour wheels can be built using a designer included with the lighting control software or with the EasyRemote app. When the app is started, all compatible software instances are detected over a WiFi network and the screen is automatically built. The EasyRemote app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones and tablets. Supported lighting control software packages include Easy Stand Alone 2, Sunlite Suite 2, LumiDesk and Daslight Virtual Controller 3.

(Claire Beeson)


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