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PLASA 2012: Clear-Com showcases Tempest 2400

17 August 2012

UK - Clear-Com is showcasing the Tempest 2400 with Seamless Roaming capability and Tempest 2400 MasterBelt digital wireless intercom for the live sound market at PLASA 2012 (Stand I-F29). Tempest Seamless Roaming is ideal for large venues that are separated by sizeable distances, such as multi-theatre environments and/or outdoor venues, says the company. The MasterBelt is suitable for smaller, more mobile applications, including live, outdoor productions and tour-guide setups.

The Tempest2400 Seamless Roaming feature affords crew members the ability to move freely and wirelessly throughout large venues, such as multi-theater complexes, university campuses and sports arenas. This ensures that users can walk from one coverage area to another without interference or dropouts. The Seamless Roaming feature allows BeltStation users to migrate between as many as 16 different Tempest2400 BaseStations (coverage areas or zones). Both Seamless Roaming and iSelect Roaming are available to accommodate virtually every application need.

Tempest2400 BaseStations are linked together with the newest ZSync (Zero Synchronization) Technology. The ZSync Technology provides a zero-sync reference that coordinates the hopping patterns of all connected BaseStations every time the system is powered up, irrespective of random time variation in power-up sequences. This provides improved system performance and a seamless wireless experience.

"With Seamless Roaming, a Tempest2400 wireless BeltStation can cover an extensive area with multiple zones that would not be adequately supported by a single BaseStation installation," says Craig Fredrickson, Clear-Com's wireless product manager. "This allows audio professionals to focus on critical production cues rather than having to change the settings on their wireless BeltStations when moving within a venue."

Designed for mobile productions, the Tempest2400 MasterBelt offers most of the advanced features of the original Tempest2400 rack-mount BaseStation within a compact, portable package. This enables users to coordinate and communicate hands-free. One MasterBelt can be paired with any standard Tempest2400 CP-222 two-channel BeltStation to create a full-featured two-channel system operating in 80MHz of spectrum in the 2.4-GHz band.

The MasterBelt itself also functions as a BeltStation, allowing communications between up to six full-duplex wireless users. As with all Tempest wireless systems, it does not interfere with traditional wireless microphone, IFB or in-ear monitor systems that operate in the UHF band.

All Tempest system are designed to be durable and can operate in harsh weather conditions. The BeltStations are protected by a durable, weather-resistant ABS co-polymer blend with a high-performance polyurethane overmold. The MasterBelt includes a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery capable of up to eight hours of operation. It can also be powered by three standard AA alkaline batteries as a backup, providing four hours of operations.

"The Tempest2400 system has proven itself as the 'go-to' communications solution for live productions, operating interference-free even when other wireless devices are in the same vicinity," says Craig Frederickson. "The MasterBelt is the latest development in the Tempest2400 line, giving users an even more flexible alternative for smaller mobile applications where a stationary BaseStation is not desirable, feasible or optimal, such as live outdoor theater productions, concerts or even as a tour-guide system."

(Jim Evans)



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