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PLASA 2011: ArKaos launches Kling-Net

Kling-Net uses a Media Server to do all the work to make operation "simplicity itself"

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19 August 2011

UK / Belgium - ArKaos has chosen PLASA 2011 to launch its radical new network protocol, Kling-Net.

Kling-Net has been designed to allow the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices, such as LEDs or LED panels, over Ethernet.

"Many basic and first time users are afraid of using LED lighting because of the complexity of networking and control issues," says ArKaos CEO, Marco Hinic. "Traditionally, using and networking LED lighting has required a high level of technical knowledge which has been a deterent for many. We wanted to remove all this complexity and replace it with a simple to use protocol which automatically takes care of the magic numbers for the user."

Kling-Net uses a Media Server to do all the work to make operation simplicity itself. It adds a layer of 'intelligence' to even the most simple LED device and enabling it to talk directly to the Media Server. This then enables the LED devices to be automatically configured, removing the need for complicated setting up.

Kling-Net's auto configuration capabilities allow a large mixture of devices to be controlled by the same Media Server, and avoids the painful process of creating and matching profiles between the Media Server and each individual device, says the company.

At power up the LED devices are detected and configured automatically by Kling-Net before sending their resolution and pixel format to the Media Server. The Media Server can then read and change parameters from the device.

Once a device is registered to a Media Server, it will start receiving video frames, mapped by the user onto the Media Server's display, in real-time.

Because the Media Server performs the image clipping and transformation and generates the correct pixel format, the work to be done by the display device is minimal. And because the Media Server does all the work, video will still run at a smooth 60 FPS.

Kling-Net has been designed to work with as many manufacturers' LED products as possible. It relies on a source code to transform even the most simple LED device into an intelligent Kling-Net device.

Kling-Net can be embedded in any manufacturer's product under licence from ArKaos.

The first company to licence ArKaos Kling-Net is Highlite International BV of The Netherlands. Kling-Net has been incorporated it into two new, dedicated products, known as Pixel Strip P25 and Pixel Batten P25.

To be launched at PLASA, Pixel Strip P25 is a 1m x 3cm LED strip of 40 pixels and Pixel Batten P25, a 1m x 15cm batten of 160 pixels. The new protocol means these fixtures can be connected, via a standard RJ45 cable, directly to a laptop running MediaMaster Express.

"We are very excited by Kling-Net," says Highlite purchase manager, Peter Buckx. "It is the first protocol for LED control that really is 'plug and play'. There is no need for expensive converters or specialist knowledge. You simply plug and play directly from the computer without any set up. We can see a really bright future for Kling-Net."

Pixel Strip P25 and Pixel Batten P25 will be on show at PLASA on the Highlight stand (1-F10), and are the first in a range of products to incorporate Kling-Net. There are plans for a Kling-Net controlled dance floor to be released by the end of 2011.

"Kling-Net opens the market to new lighting designers who have previously been deterred by the technical complexity and expense of LED lighting systems. Kling-Net removes these barriers and makes LED lighting available, easy and fun," adds Hinic.

(Jim Evans)



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