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PA Geluid joins Nexo GEO T network

Paul Achterberg with the GEO T system.

27 February 2004

The Netherlands - With the purchase of a new GEO T rig by PA Geluid in Nijmegen, Nexo's new tangent-array technology is now available on the rental market in The Netherlands. PA Geluid is a well-respected sound reinforcement rental company, with a particularly strong reputation in theatre.

Owner Paul Achterberg first bought into the Nexo GEO technology in 2002, ordering 24 GEO S full-range cabinets with four CD18 sub-bass units from Nexo's Dutch distributor, Iemke Roos. Over the last 18 months, this system has built up an exceptional track record working in theatre in Holland. Achterberg and PA Geluid were asked to provide a system for a major metal festival, Metalbash at de Maaspoort at Den Bosch, headlined by Machinehead, whose front-of-house engineer was demanding 115dB at the desk. This was the cue for Achterberg to order Nexo's new GEO T full-range high-output loudspeakers, together with two pairs of CD18s, the new Controlled Directivity Subbass.

For the festival, PA Geluid set up a system comprising two vertical arrays each with six T4805 tangent boxes plus two T2815 downfill boxes. Controlled by Nexo's NX241 digital processors, and powered by a rack of 10 Camco Vortex 6 amplifiers, the system was able to deliver 122dB to the mix position, much to the delight of Machinehead's engineer and fans.

(Lee Baldock)



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