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Outline GTO for Mike & The Mechanics

Concert production is being handled by Britannia Row Productions who deployed an Outline GTO-based system

28 June 2011

UK - Mike & The Mechanics played London's Royal Albert Hall to launch their 2011 Hit The Road tour. Featuring a new line-up which includes Andrew Roachford, the tour coincides with the release of their first album in six years entitled The Road.

Concert production for the tour is being handled by Britannia Row Productions who deployed an Outline GTO-based system for the Royal Albert Hall, the second outing for the Italian manufacturer's new flagship technology in the venue.

The main system comprised L&R hangs of 12 GTO elements, with three Outline Mantas under-hung from each array plus three along the stage lip to cover the near-field. Side-hangs of 13 Outline Butterfly elements covered the bleachers while an under-stage array of Outline Subtech218 subwoofers provided low frequency reinforcement.

Britannia Row's Bryan Grant comments, "This venue is not the easiest in which to create a system design that provides even coverage and, especially when full, it is necessary to deliver full-range coverage of more than 270 degrees in the horizontal plus around 50-60 feet in the vertical. The GTO system providing the bulk of the L&R mix sounded just as good as we've come to expect, and the fact that we could easily integrate other products from the Outline range to create a commonly-voiced system to cover the whole room made it relatively easy to get this right."

(Jim Evans)



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