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NiteLites adopts JBL Vertec line array system

27 June 2003

UK - Rental company NiteLites has added JBL line array system to its stock inventory. Since its foundation in 1983, the company has grown from a modest hire company to a full-service business, handling a wide range of services covering power distribution through to lighting and sound reinforcement.

When selecting a new speaker system versatile enough to match their diverse client base, NiteLites looked closely at what various manufacturers had to offer. The company was looking for a high-fidelity system which was easy to rig, but above all was flexible enough to meet the varied demands of its busy schedule.

NiteLites selected JBL's VT4889 full-size line array elements, and the new system was set to work immediately at the Fish Quay Family Festival at North Shields. The system design for this event comprised compact arrays of four VT4889 per side, each flown from Thomas ground support towers using JBL's VT4889-SF short flying frames, with extended pulley beams purchased from Thomas to work with the new Vertec rig. DriveRacks from dbx were chosen to control the system, which is powered by Crown MA-5002VZ amplifiers.

The Nitelites staff feels that JBL engineers have done their homework when developing this package. Co-owner Gordon Reay told us: "The Vertec boxes are easy to fly or ground-stack, they are remarkably lightweight, and the weather-resistant treatment on the components makes them ideal for our English weather."

(Sarah Rushton-Read)



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