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Ninth Innibos festival success

Innibos - the most popular festival in South Africa (photo: Lurina Fourie Photography)

24 August 2012

South Africa - Earlier this year Innibos was acknowledged as the most popular festival in South Africa and received KykNET's Fiesta Award. With this feather in their cap, the Afrikaans festival went full steam ahead to present their ninth successful Innibos held from 26 - 29 June 2012 in Nelspruit and attended by 120,000 people.

Rental company Sound Headquarters partnered with the organisers for the second consecutive year and provided the full technical for the main and Klipdrift stages.

"The first year was very stressful for us," said Anrika Bruinders from Sound Headquarters. The greatest fear was the unknown. "This year we fine tuned the production, the sound was awesome and the lighting was amazing." The most important aspect Sound Headquarters bring to a gig is their passion; that they partner with their client and that nothing is too difficult to ensure that all expectations and beyond are fully met.

As always, Murray Lubbe was the sound engineer for Innibos main stage. Johan Ferreira from JSF Productions was the LD for the seventh year working on a grandMA ultra-light. Johan provided Sound Headquarters with an equipment "wish list" and they tried to accommodate as much as possible. He lit performers Juanita du Plessis, Steve Hofmeyer, Snot Kop, Theuns Jordaan, Riana Nel and many others on the main stage.

Sound Headquarters hired in additional gear from Blond Productions. Most of the lighting fixtures, including Robin 600 Beams and Washes and Robe 700 Spots were suspended from Prolyte trussing bars over the stage. Robe 250s were placed on deck. ClayPaky Sharpies were positioned on totems at various levels on stage, and LED Bright Q were attached to the totems for effects lighting.

(Jim Evans)


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