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Lightfactor's SGM Roadshow

2 August 2001

Lightfactor's Scott Callis is in the midst of a highly successful UK tour with a quantity of SGM automated lighting kit. This is designed specifically to put the gear through its paces in a variety of situations and environments. Callis devised this slightly unorthodox way of exposing the equipment to as many differing situations as possible by integrating it into varying lighting hire packages. The SGM kit - including Giotto 250 Spots and Giotto 1200 spot and wash lights - has appeared at high profile clubs, venues and live shows nationwide including a recent BB King show at Leicester De Montfort Halls and an insurance sales conference at the NEC in Birmingham. At De Montfort Hall, Callis has supplied the SGM kit to the Hall's Chief LX and technical manager Graham Williams for a variety of summer events, including an outdoor concert by blues legend BB King.

The show was designed and lit by Williams utilizing SGM Giotto 250 and 1200 spot fixtures from the Roadshow, along with other moving fixtures. Williams was so pleased by the SGM units that he requested Callis-and-kit make a return visit a week later for De Montfort's One World and Summer Sunday festivals - which included both indoor and outdoor stages.

Freelance lighting designer Steve Ledson saw Scott's SGM Roadshow products in action at another show and put them to use on a recent high profile insurance companies' sales conference at the NEC. Ledson used the Giotto 250s for general visual stage enhancement.


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