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LDI product line-up for Doug Fleenor

The Remote Addressing Device (RAD) from Doug Fleenor Design.

17 September 2004

USA - Doug Fleenor Design has announced a line-up of new products will be shown at the forthcoming ETS-LDI exhibition in Las Vegas (20-22 October).

The DMX to iPlayer 2 interface allows DMX512 control of the iPlayer2 and Light System Engine controllers from Color Kinetics Inc. The interface uses DMX512 data to set controller parameters via the controller's RS-232 input. The interface uses three (or optionally five) consecutive DMX512 channels to select trigger mode, show number, and intensity. Shows may also be triggered manually using the interface's three-digit thumb wheel switch.

The Remote Addressing Device (RAD) is used to set the DMX address of compatible products. Designed to draft version 2.0 of the RDM specification, RAD will be upgraded to comply with the released standard at no charge.

The CK300 power supply is intended to power Color Kinetics' LED fixtures in portable applications. The supply has six 4-pin XLR outputs to power up to six Color Kinetics Color Blast 12 (or equivalent) fixtures. Also on show, the DMX96OC is designed to drive solenoids and relays for fountains or special effects, and is ideal for many other on/off loads. The product decodes 96 consecutive DMX512 channels to drive open-collector NPN outputs. Each of the outputs is capable of sinking up to 100mA (or more based on duty cycle). The DMX512 input is optically isolated from the outputs and is protected against miswiring up to 120 volts. Also new, the High Density Distribution Block for Color Kinetics fixtures simplifies large installations of 24 Volt LED fixtures. The Block distributes power and data for up to 24 fixtures.

Finally, the DMX Coffee Pot, first seen at LDI '97 and previously only available by lease, is now available for purchase. Remote address setting is accomplished via RDM, making this the first (and only) RDM coffee pot!

(Lee Baldock)



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