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Harman Pro Roadshow a success

20 June 2005

UK / Ireland - Harman Pro UK staged its highly successful Roadshow Presentation in Dublin, Manchester and London - demonstrating the fabulous range of new Harman technology launched at NAMM and Frankfurt. The show featured presentations from JBL Professional, Crown, dbx Professional, AKG, Lexicon, Soundcraft, BSS and Studer - the core of the Harman Group. Highlighting the new technology and audio solutions available from all these brands for a variety of professional applications, including live concert touring, portable PA, mobile disco and studio sound, the Harman Pro Roadshow has toured the US, France and Germany.

JBL's new VRX Series line array concept attracted much attention. Featuring the performance of high end line arrays in a compact, affordable and flexible 12" two-way format, VRX provides outstanding coverage and output coherence. VRX shares components with JBL's Vertec Line Array Series, a worldwide touring industry standard. It's ideally suited for use in smaller venues and small to medium sound reinforcement projects, say the company.

The DriveRack 4800 from dbx professional was also highlighted. Designed to provide incredible flexibility, sonic excellence and intuitive control for all typed of performance applications, it was debuted alongside the hugely successful DriveRack family. Also featured were Crown's new Commercial Series of amplifiers, Lexicon's new MX200 effects processor, Soundcraft's new series of GB mixing consoles and AKG's award-winning WMS4000 wireless mic system.

There was massive interest in all three locations, particularly Ireland, where nearly 90 dealers, distributors and Harman product owners attended the event at the Temple Bar Music Centre. The Roadshow was presented in short, sharp, tightly focussed segments to maximize attention spans and ensure a good information flow. The products were also available for hands-on examination at the end of each session, which included Q&A opportunities with system designers and brand managers from Harman Professional in the US, plus the Harman Pro UK sales and marketing teams.

"Once again the formula proved to be a winner," says Harman Pro UK MD Max Lindsay Johnson, "Apart from its value as an information exercise in more intimate and 'close up' circumstances than an exhibition, it was also a great chance for social interaction - both pre and post show. The events brought together many professionals working in different areas of the industry, who used the opportunity as a lively discussion forum, swapping ideas and feeding comments back directly to the product manufacturers."

(Lee Baldock)



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