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Hand Held Audio add Channel 38 to hire stock.

Trantec's S5 system - now in Hand Held Audio's rental stock.

21 April 2010

UK - Following recent Ofcom announcements concerning Channel 38 (606-614MHz) as the replacement for UK radio microphone Channel 69, Hand Held Audio has added dedicated Channel 38 radio mics to its hire stock. The versatile Trantec S5.5 system covers Channels 38, 39, 40 and 41 (606-638MHz) and provides a lower cost rental option.

Following a thorough testing and assessment process the S5.5 proved itself to have the quality and durability to "cut the mustard" in the hire department, say Hand Held Audio. Features include easy set-up and operation, intuitive controls and infra-red synching for fast set-up of multiple systems.

Hand Held Audio's current stock includes 16 x S5.5-RX diversity receivers (capable of running as a 16-way system) with relevant antenna distribution and cabling. Transmitters are the compact S5.5-LTX belt pack and the S5.5-HDX hand held with dynamic cardioid capsule. Battery life is a useful 10 hours from a single AA battery. Microphone options for the body pack include the Trantec LP2 and Sennheiser MKE2 omni lapel mics, as well as a number of different head-worn and instrument mics.

(Lee Baldock)


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