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HHS role for Sensaphonics' Santucci

Audiologist Michael Santucci

7 July 2011

USA - Audiologist Michael Santucci, founder of Sensaphonics, has accepted a position as lead audiology advisor to Hearing Health Science (HHS), a start-up company specialising in hearing research and therapy. HHS is set to launch Soundbites, a patented nutraceutical supplement that "has shown exceptional clinical promise in preventing noise-induced hearing loss".

Developed by HHS and based on the research of Dr. Josef M. Miller at the University of Michigan, Soundbites are chewable supplements consisting of micronutritional agents that have shown great efficacy in preventing hearing impairment from loud sound exposures. The company is preparing for field trials in at-risk populations in military, industrial, and music markets, prior to the product's consumer market release.

"Soundbites is one of the most exciting developments I've seen in my entire career in audiology," notes Santucci. "This product represents an entirely new approach to hearing health, and the preliminary research results are very promising. I'm thrilled to be working with Hearing Health Science to bring this new technology to the music industry."

"Michael Santucci has devoted his career in audiology to addressing this issue in the music industry, which is obviously a major at-risk group," states Hearing Health Science CEO Barry Seifer. "He brings a wealth of expertise and a unique perspective to Hearing Health Science, and will be a tremendous asset to our organization."

According to HHS, hearing loss is the most common disability worldwide, affecting more people than the next four disabilities combined and second only to cancer in associated health care costs.

(Jim Evans)


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