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Göteborgs Stadsteater adds TiMax Soundhub

The Göteborgs Stadsteater upgrades with TiMax. Photo: Jonas Kündig

7 April 2011

Sweden - Göteborgs Stadsteater has recently added a TiMax SoundHub-R32 delay-matrix processor to the sound reinforcement system for its main auditorium, with a TiMax Tracker (TT) performer tracking system. The project was overseen by head sound engineer at the theatre, Jorgen Eriksson, and the complete system is designed primarily to improve the vocal intelligibility when the on-stage actors use lapel microphones.

TiMax SoundHub controls zone level, EQ and matrixed delay for the main FOH system comprised of seven d&b Q1s distributed around a central d&b Q10 hoisted across the proscenium, supported by two L Acoustic MTD115s and a further two L Acoustics MTD112s providing side-fill back and front.

A total of 24 Tannoy 8" speakers act as delay-fills to the upper and lower house and to the balcony, with fill by three EAW JF50S enclosures. Two 2 d&b J-subs and two L Acoustic SB218s located left, centre and right provide sub bass reinforcement.

Six TT Sensors, positioned proscenium upstage left and right, downstage left and right and house left and right positioned on the balcony facing back to the stage, track 16 TT Tags using UWB real-time location analysis to follow the actors around stage and continuously adjust their delay-matrix to maintain accurate audio localisation for their individual radio mic feeds.

The TiMax SoundHub-R32 delay-matrix processor comes with the new AES-MIO digital I/O cards which support multiple sample-rates and also provide parallel analogue outs.

Eriksson reports, "Audience members have commented that they can now hear the actors and so now, when we use the TiMax we have no problem at all with the acoustics and the clarity of the sound.

"Now the image definitions have all been defined, the system can just be switched on for use, it's as simple as that."

(Jim Evans)


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