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Flamenco Festival dances to Orbital's T-Series

19 May 2009

UK - Orbital Sound supplied a comprehensive sound system for this year's Flamenco Festival, staged at Sadler's Wells in late March and featuring six companies in a non-stop two-week programme. The system included the new d&b audiotechnik T-Series loudspeakers, with 16 x T10s and T-SUBS configured as a mix of vertical point-source standalone cabinets and horizontal mini line array groups. This is the fourth year that Orbital Sound has been involved with the event, working with resident sound technician Tom Hares.

The 2009 Festival kicked off with less than 24 hours to load in and test the system before the first performance, involving two teams working back-to-back to get everything in place. Tom Hares elaborates: "Every year is different with one exception - it's always demanding. On the Friday night before the festival started, we had 120 children on stage in Dance United, with no spare time whatsoever before the first performance the following evening.

"Luke Hyde from Orbital worked with our in-house team of five technicians, putting in a full concert set-up that included the loudspeaker system, monitor desk, all the microphones, HME wireless comms, on-stage speakers and most of the cabling. Our long-standing relationship with Orbital is an essential component - we each know how the other works, and do lots of preparation in advance. Importantly, we always feel that they will go the extra mile for us and think the whole project through in advance."

Directed by José Antonio, this year's festival programme featured choreography from three of flamenco's brightest talents: Fernando Romero, Ángel Rojas and Carlos Rodríguez (founders of Nuevo Ballet Español), as well as Antonio Canales.

(Jim Evans)


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