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Elation's Focus Spot 250

The Focus Spot 250.

25 November 2004

USA - Elation Professional has introduced the new Focus Spot 250, a professional DMX 250W moving head fixture aimed at the smaller rentals market and mid-sized nightclubs. The Focus Spot 250's features include remote focus and a high luminous-efficiency axial reflector and double condenser lens system, says the manufacturer. Using 11 DMX channels, the Focus Spot 250 also features eight dichroic colours plus white, and six rotating, interchangeable and indexable gobos plus spot. Three of the gobos are metal, two are dichroic glass and one is textured glass, providing a flexible mix of textures. The fixture delivers 5,700 lumens at 15ft, say Elation, and the convenience of its remote focusing via DMX feature should appeal to DJs.

(Lee Baldock)


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