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E\T\C UK at Billingsgate

27 October 2003

UK - Large format projection specialist E\T\C UK supplied two different corporate events at London's Billingsgate old fish market with widescreen projections. Both events, which were staged on concurrent evenings, were produced by GSP. The first, titled the Emerging Markets Ball featured a Brazilian theme, and the second, the Swaps Ball, was a fantasy theme involving Billingsgate, fish and 17th century London life. Scrolling artwork for both was created by E\T\C UK's Ross Ashton and Paul Chatfield.

The two PIGI 6kW projectors were positioned on 'the Bridge' of the venue, which partially separates the main hall into two halves. They were beaming onto a 25m wide by 7m high screen and soft-edged down the middle. Two video windows were incorporated in the artwork to allow logos and video images to be dropped into the panoramic montage.

Artwork for both shows was loaded into both projectors beforehand and then the appropriate images were run for each show using the PC-controlled PIGI OnlyQ system, programmed by Karen Monid and operated by Bob Kronman. Naomi Sadka, project manager for GSP said: "Working with ETC UK and the large format projection was fantastic; it set the scene and created really dramatic effects."

(Lee Baldock)


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