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Dnp adds guide to website

Step-by-Step Conference Room guide

23 October 2012

Denmark - As specialists in providing optimised conference room displays, dnp denmark have published a new 13-page step-by-step guide on their website, in the form of a sub-page in its Conference Room section.

The Guide answers the questions that any meeting convener, onsite AV/IT manager, systems integrator and supplier should be asking in order to get the maximum impact from each and every AV presentation. This includes type of screen, size and format (whether plain white or optical), the required projector brightness and lens - and image sources/presentation software.

The brochure takes as its premise the belief that most presenters today prefer a well-lit meeting room, where they can see their audience and read facial expressions and body language. However, this requires ambient room lighting, and thus a badly advised projector/screen combination can wash out even the best presentation.

The Guide takes readers on a seven-stage journey towards achieving the optimum matched projector and screen combination so that there is no need to dim the lights.

(Jim Evans)


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