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DMi Extends Zone home control system extended

The DMi Zone control system

29 January 2010

The Netherlands - DMi D&M Installation Europe is expanding the functionality and capabilities of its Escient Zone home control system with major new additions to the product range at Integrated Systems Europe 2010. New Zone products to be introduced at ISE include a new video media player, adding video streaming to Zone, an AV I/O extender, and a range of DIN Rail lighting modules.

Escient Zone is a powerful integrated CI home control system exclusive to D&M Europe. Zone is positioned to provide fully featured, high performance home automation and control at a lower price point than current market leading systems, says the company.

The new Zone MP400 media player extends the multiroom audio distribution capabilities of current Zone media players into the video domain. The MP400 enables distribution of video from a central hard drive throughout the home and can handle a wide range of video formats, up to an including HD, with the highest quality playback and upscaling of SD signals.

The new range of Zone DIN Rail lighting modules enables the wired control of leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, and ballast, in conjunction with relay switching, and a multifunctional I/O extender. Installers can programme Zone DIN Rail products and systems via the Escient Zone control software, providing the customer with the required preset controls and lighting scenes.

(Jim Evans)


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