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Coda and DiGiCo rock Denmark

DiGiCo desks on Thyrock festival duty

21 August 2012

Denmark - The end of June saw the annual Thy Rock festival held in Thisted, north-west Denmark. Celebrating the best of Danish music, this year's festival saw a Coda Audio PA system and multiple DiGiCo consoles feature.

Audio equipment for the festival was supplied by DPA SoundCo and included a main Coda Audio AIRLINE LA12 line array system. This comprised 28 LA12 three-way high output line array modules, four G712-96 three way front fills, 16 SCP sensor controlled subs and eight RC Racks amp racks with Coda processors.

The festival's house console was a DiGiCo D5T, but many of the high profile acts on the Saturday brought their own, so the festival also saw five SD8s, two SD7, an SD9 and two SD11i's in use.

Mads Staerke was the Front of House engineer for rapper L.O.C. and pop singer Sanne Salomonsen. Two very different acts, but Mads was very impressed with how the Coda system delivered the sound for both.

"It was my first time using a Coda Audio rig and I was really surprised," he says. "It was the best sounding PA rig I have heard this summer. Totally beautiful. It sounds so clean and harmonic. You can really hear that it has been designed by engineers with extra passion."

He continues, "The sound was really in your face, crystal clarity in the high frequencies and a distortion-free low end. Whatever you put into it is exactly the same as what comes out. I was blown away by it."

Kim Johansen mixed FOH for Saturday's opening act, DJ Kato and headliners Aqua (infamous for their 1997 pan-European hit Barbie Girl). He was similarly positive, saying, "The experience of the visiting engineers, including me, was that the system performed very well. It is for sure one of the best rigs in the Danish festival scene at the moment. It's very easy to mix on and sounds great.

"All of the engineers and band managers were very happy, all-in-all it's a great system with lots of potential."

A regular DiGiCo user, Johansen used an SD11i for Kato and an SD7 with Waves Soundgrid for Aqua.

"In my opinion, DiGiCo consoles offer the best feature set on the market," he says. "With the SD11, I get a very compact surface without having to compromise the audio quality, unlike with other small surfaces. I use the dynamic EQ and three-band compressors a lot and the SD11 includes features like this, despite its size. When you can lay out the console as you want, the small surface suddenly feels big. For an act like Kato it was the obvious choice for both FOH and monitors."

(Jim Evans)


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