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Chromlech celebrates successful PLASA 2012 Elidy launch

2 October 2012

UK - Chromlech, the innovative French manufacturer of the Jarag, Gleamer and Svoboda 2, chose PLASA 2012 to launch its new ELIDY - the world's first LED matrix fixture capable of projecting volumetric graphics - with enormously successful results.

Lionel Garraud, sales director at Chromlech says, "I have never experienced such a reception for a new product in my life! The Elidy was an instant hit and many lighting designers and rental companies already want to use or buy it. Elidy has already been specified on some great tours and new television programs for 2013. We took many orders on the stand with the first production run selling out in 3 days!"

Elidy is a matrix of 5 x 5 very high power LEDs, driven by state-of-the-art electronics to provide the world's first LED wall capable of projecting light, says the company. It combines high-output, warm white LEDs with specific optics to generate extremely narrow beams that "far exceed the intensity of LED screens."

Elidy's modular form is based around a single projector of 25 LEDs (1 sq.ft), which can be assembled to form up to 225 LEDs (1 sq/m) and arranged into screens, columns, or even angled forms. Fully re-skinnable, the surface of Elidy can be instantaneously customized to any colour or texture, using magnetic covers. Each cover can be customized and printed individually or joined together as a composite picture if bigger images are required.

The Elidy panels can therefore take on virtually any aspect, not just different colours, but also textures including wood, metal, mirror, leather, stone...or even grass. Covers can be produced as 'full frame' to form a solid backdrop, or 'open frame' to match the exact shape of the Elidy panel and thus become a 'transparent' light projector. While many LED screens offers some degree of transparency, no light-projector gives the 50% level of transparency of Elidy.

"Elidy's revolutionary LED driver design ensures perfectly smooth dimming over the complete dimming range, with absolutely no stepping or cut off on ignition or fade out," the company adds. Elidy's dimming mimics traditional tungsten sources in a way that makes it perfectly suitable for use in theatre or studio alike where such high LED dimming quality is necessary. Elidy implements a very advanced, though intuitive and user-friendly, pixel-mapping interface that makes it perfect for creating animations, from the simplest to the most complex.

The innovative control system incorporates both DMX and ArtNet inputs so data management is handled using both conventional DMX daisy-chaining and, more unusually, via unique ArtNet daisy-chaining which is both simpler and faster than conventional star-shape cabling.

"We believe Elidy has made such an instant impact because it can be adapted for such a wide variety of uses in different environments," continues Garraud. "It is modular, extremely user-friendly and has vast cross-market potential within television, touring, theatre, architectural and event applications. With Elidy, the frontier between video and conventional stage lighting is gone. It can create effects never seen before and we believe there is no equivalent on the market."

The success of Chromlech's Elidy follows fast on the heels of last year's launch of Gleamer, the DMX-controlled, low-voltage dimmer, which won no less than three industry awards (PLASA Award for Innovation, LDI Product Award of the Year and SIEL Etoile du SIEL), and the Svodboda 2, both of which have rapidly made their way into rental inventories and theatres.

(Claire Beeson)



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