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Carrie Underwood plays on with Bandit

Carrie Underwood on tour with Bandit

28 September 2010

USA - Carrie Underwood, continues her dominance of the industry in 2010. She has won a staggering 70 plus awards in a brief seven-year stint including five Grammy's, 10 ACM Awards, and five CMA Awards.

Bandit Lites has been with Underwood since the beginning. Ann Edelblute and the team at 19 Management have worked with Bandit for every tour, even rehearsing in Venue One, the Bandit rehearsal facility in Nashville. Tour manager Geoff Donkin, production manager Chris Coffie and stage manager Lenny Rogers are all familiar with one another from many years of working together. Veteran lighting designer Bud Horowitz worked with Bandit VP Michael Golden on the Play On Tour 2010.

Lighting director Brian Jenkins runs the Grand MA console to control the Star Wars like lighting universe overhead. Included in the inventory are VL 3000 Spots, VL 3500 Spots, VL 3500 Washes, MAC 3 Spots, fresnels and ACL's. In keeping with the new focus by Bandit toward Green LED equipment, Horowitz uses Impressions, Color Blasts, I Colors, Pixelines, and GRN PARs.

Michael Golden says, "Working the Carrie and crew is the best possible scenario. Bud is a consummate professional with a vision and a real team player with absolutely no ego. Bud knows how to achieve his spectacular vision and relays his wishes in a manner that makes you want to do more for him. Geoff Donkin, Chris Coffie and the entire staff are true pros and make everything run as smooth as it possibly can. I look forward to working with them all in the future."

(Jim Evans)


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