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Camco gets behind Verdi at Reutlingen

6 September 2005

Germany - Sound designer Peter Jehle from Neomy Sound & Light had more than one reason for choosing a Camco-powered Nexo GEO S tangent-array system for the Open Air festival in Reutlingen, south-west Germany.

With more than 60 open microphones on stage, the festival's Classic Night opening event at the Kreuzeiche stadium was a major project. Peter Jehle's first choice of PA was Nexo's GEO S. "Besides the first-class sound characteristics, we were particularly impressed by the compact, inconspicuous shape of the Nexo GEO S system and the fact that the software support enabled the volume in the auditorium to be predicted exactly. That's what convinced us. In retrospect, the sound reinforcement quality was exactly what we expected. On stage, there were as many as 60 open microphones in use simultaneously. That could only be done without great difficulty because of the GEO S system's high front-to-back rejection. This meant we were able to provide a completely successful event."

On Classic Night, the Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen together with various choirs presented music from composers ranging from Vivaldi and Verdi right up to Schönberg and Bernstein. But the highlight of the evening was Giuseppe Verdi's 'Triumph March' and the chorus from the opera 'Aida'. A firework display rounded off a spectacular evening, with around 200 people involved in the performance. On the second day of the festival, the headline was Konstantin Wecker and his band.

The job of creating even sound amplification and clear speech reproduction throughout the entire Kreuzeiche stadium was given to the Hohberg-based company Neomy Sound & Light. On stage, 22 Nexo GEO S805s with two Nexo GEO S830s were used, with six CD12s as subs. The whole system was driven by the Camco Vortex 6 power amplifiers, supplemented by four Camco DL 3000s.

(Lee Baldock)


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