CP Sounds Out Benares

9 October 2006

UK - CP Sound continues on the installation trail of top gastronomies, with the design, specification and installation of a new sound system at Benares, the UK's only Michelin starred Indian restaurant.

Benares is the first independent venture by acclaimed chef Atul Kochhar. Interior designer Ou Baholyodhin has transposed the beauty and vibrancy of the Northern India city of Benares into a contemporary setting in the prime central London location of Berkley Square.

Having been open for three years, it was time to upgrade the sound system to one offering the same standards of excellence and quality as the food and ambience. CP Sound has engaged in several other high profile restaurant/bar projects including various Zinc bars around the UK, Cocoon on Regent Street, Eclipse Bars in London and the Terraces in Brighton.

Pattenden initially visited and assessed the situation. Some major additions were needed to get everything sounding right throughout Benares, but he was also able to re-configure and integrate some of the existing audio elements into the new set up. Pattenden created a completely new design, retaining some of the old speakers whilst adding very strategically placed new JBL enclosures. The latter included four JBL Control 26Cs in the main bar, plus two new JBL Control 19CS 200 Watt subs. In the side seating area adjacent to the bar, CP installed another four JBL Control 26C speakers.

The whole bar area amplification was boosted with the addition of an RSE PFX 500 - RSE being CP's installation amplifier brand of choice. The RSE range has been specifically developed to meet the expectations of CP Sound's clients. A Cloud CX-A6 multi-channel amp drives the other areas which include a large dining room and several private eating and VIP areas.

To drive the front end, CP supplied a 5-disc CD player and a C-Burn computer music system. The combination of all this has transformed the space in terms of sound - boosting the lively, animated vibes of the bar and making that area work as a stand alone sound zone without interfering with the rest of the venue.

In the toilets - which have an opulent palatial feel - CP added some JBL Control 24Cs for a crystal clear sound. The biggest challenge was completing the installation with as little visible impact as possible, as Benares remained open throughout. All cabling had to be concealed where possible and run extremely neatly.

(Chris Henry)


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