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CIE-Audio add Armstrong 'i-ceilings' to range

An i-ceiling loudspeaker panel.

22 May 2002

CIE-Audio, the UK supplier of installation audio equipment, has announced the addition of another market-leading brand to their portfolio - the revolutionary new 'i-ceiling' from Armstrong. A brand new concept in integrated acoustic ceiling systems, the 'i-ceiling' is the latest development from the world's number one manufacturer of ceiling products.

i-ceiling utilises flat panel speaker technology to provide a unique loudspeaker system which exactly matches Armstrong's market-leading range of ceilings, to combine their existing aesthetic and sound absorption qualities with the acoustic benefits of NXT flat panel speaker technology. This allows for 'invisible' loudspeaker solutions which benefit from greatly increased sound dispersion, providing incredibly even levels of sound reproduction compared with the 'hot and cold' spots characteristic of traditional moving coil speaker technology.

The Armstrong i-ceiling system has further been enhanced by a unique range of electronics, which includes digital amplification together with a range of digital and analogue processors. The A2001 (analogue) and D2001 (digital) DSP-based, software controlled processors provide a unique combination of music, public address and active acoustics such as noise spectrums and uncorrelated digital noise sources for custom designed sound masking.

"The addition of the new Armstrong i-ceiling systems provides CIE-Audio customers with a unique range of installation opportunities. With over 80% of the world's acoustic ceilings being Armstrong branded, the i-ceiling provides a completely integrated solution both in new builds and retrofit installations," said Chris Edwards, CIE-Group marketing manager.

(Lee Baldock)


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