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Austage adds Chroma-Q Color Force LEDs

Austage specialises in corporate event production

30 November 2010

Australia - For over 16 years Austage has built a reputation as one of Australia's premier corporate event companies. Managing director Joe De Abreu knows it is important to be able to offer his clients the best in lighting technology.

With this in mind, Joe began scouring the market for a new LED cyc light and when he came across the Chroma-Q Color Force LED batten he knew he had found what he was looking for.

The new Color Force LED batten is super bright and can easily wash up to eight metres. In addition, it's advanced ColorSure RGBA colour and control management technologies deliver a radically increased colour palette, enhanced colour consistency, a high CRI of 92 and theatrical grade dimming.

"They are so powerful they can turn black drapes into any colour you want," says De Abreu. "After having a good look at what is available in LED cyc lighting, I have to say that the Color Force LED battens are the highest performing LEDs that I've ever seen. They're extremely bright, have a long throw and nothing else on the market comes anywhere near them. It's the only LED fixture that you can't look directly into as they're so bright.

"They are the only LED fixture with a fourth colour - amber - which is really helpful when you're doing lighting designs. We've used our Color Force battens on quite a few corporate shows and they've been 100% reliable. People always comment on them and now we find our clients are always asking for them. Once they've seen them once, that's all it takes - they're sold."

(Jim Evans)


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