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Alcons' VR12 versatile sound system

Alcons VR12 ribbon-loaded SR system.

6 February 2004

The Netherlands - Alcons Audio's VR12 is a 2-way compact multi-purpose loudspeaker, for both portable and permanent applications. Featuring the Alcons RBN601 ribbon driver (multiple patents pending) the VR12 is aimed at applications where high output, high fidelity sound reinforcement is needed. Its specifications exceed Hi Fi standards, say Alcons.

The VR12 features a 6" pro-ribbon driver with 'Real-90' horizontal dispersion for MF/HF and a 12" mid/bass driver for LF. The frequency response is 60Hz up to 20kHz (+/-3dB), with a peak power output of 134dB. Maximum flexibility was the main design goal, according to Alcons; the asymmetrical enclosure and the 90° resolvable wave-guide make the VR12 suitable for a compact FOH system, an in-fill cabinet or a (high-power) floor monitor. In installations, this also offers flexible (ceiling/wall) mounting. The cabinet is equipped as standard with six-position fly-track, stand mount adapter and single-stud tilt point.

Because of the fast transient response and the flat frequency response of the RBN601, the VR12 excels in maximum gain-before-feedback, say the company. An interesting detail of the RBN601 is the 'HempHorn'; This wave-guide is made of a new combination of composite materials with natural hemp fiber structures. Contrary to the traditional glass fiber horns, the HempHorn features the same stiffness as conventional (glass fiber) horns, but is characterized with a much higher internal damping (at same weight). This, say Alcons, results in a so-called "inaudible" waveguide, without the well-known "harsh horn sound". The Hemp Horn for the VR12 is available in 90°x40° or 60°x30°configuration.

(Sarah Rushton-Read)


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