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AFMG and IOSONO take new acoustical approach

One of IOSONO's latest installations is the Grand Cinema Digiplex in Romania's capital Bucharest

10 November 2011

Germany - IOSONO, a provider of spatial audio systems and Berlin-based AFMG, creators of EASE, the industry-standard for simulation of room acoustics, recently teamed up to develop a new approach to making virtual acoustical environments audible.

"Architects, their clients, engineers or even movie sound designers will enter into a new world of possibilities to engulf listeners in the sound of a virtual surrounding," says Frank Melchior, CTO at IOSONO.

"Just imagine that a number of listeners can all enjoy an identical acoustical experience at the same time, no matter where in the room they are sitting," adds Stefan Feistel, manager of AFMG. "Architects will hold their presentations not only with a slideshow of photo-realistic pictures but talking live within the acoustical situation of the room simulated in EASE. Designs of concert halls, cinemas, sound recording studios can all benefit significantly by such a solution."

The two companies will employ IOSONO's IPC100 audio processor and dedicated realtime convolution filters calculated by EASE to render a spatially oriented auralization throughout a large listening area. The IPC100 expands the virtual sound field even of small to mid-sized loudspeaker arrangements using IOSONO's spatial reproduction algorithms based on wave-field synthesis. A listener's turn of the head will give the same impression as turning inside the venue auralized.

"IOSONO is offering innovative, flexible 3D audio systems that provide great, additional opportunities for the high quality binaural auralizations produced by EASE. It is important for us to make use of this state-of-the-art technology," Stefan Feistel remarks.

One of IOSONO's latest installations is the Grand Cinema Digiplex in Romania's capital Bucharest. Using EASE the IOSONO team simulated the cinema's acoustics, even before the auditorium was built. The top screen features an IOSONO sound system with 59 speakers and four additional subwoofers.

Frank Melchior says, "EASE allows for a fast verification of acoustic environments and system designs far more realistic than its competitors. It has proven a very useful tool for us. AFMG has a strong background in simulation and auralization and we're looking forward to be working with them on new pro audio solutions."

(Jim Evans)


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