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ACCO launches Multi Media Group

Ashley Murdoch, general manager Multi Media Group, ACCO UK with the NOBO projector range.

1 October 2003

UK - ACCO UK Ltd has announced the formation of a new European Multi Media Group, as part of its ACCO Brands portfolio, aimed at providing the company with a major presence in the growing digital AV presentation technology sector. ACCO's entry into the market comes with the launch of the exclusive NOBO brand of digital projectors, based on Texas Instruments market leading DLP technology.

Ashley Murdoch, who recently joined the company from Sony Europe, is general manager of the Multi Media Group: "The NOBO brand is already a market leader in overhead projection and we are launching portable projector technology in line with the move towards digital devices across all of our core markets. We have developed a range of machines and a business model that specifically address the requirements of business, presentation and education users, in terms of performance, portability, reliability and service."

The initial three NOBO models are portable, lightweight, compact designs, offering high performance specifications at prices competitive with professional projectors based on older LCD technology. The highly lightweight, compact design is matched with high luminosity and contrast ratio, low operating noise, high reliability, long operating life and virtual plug and play operation, say the company.

(Lee Baldock)



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