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23 August 2016

ARX release second generation USB DI

ARX release second generation USB DIAustralia - The USB DI Plus is ARX's new 'second generation' USB DI, and the first with dual mode audio input interface - digital and analogue - two DIs in one. "ARX released our first USB DI back in 2007 and the unit has become an industry standard for USB - analogue audio conversion," says ARX managing director, Colin Park. "Recently, we've been looking at where and how ARX's USB DIs are being used, and concluded that along with USB enabled devices, some users also stored their audio playback material on tablet devices, phones and ... More >>

X-Laser debuts Mobile Beat Mirage

X-Laser debuts Mobile Beat MirageUSA - X-Laser has completely redesigned and re-engineered their most popular entry-level laser system, the Mobile Beat. The result is the all-new Mobile Beat Mirage. As X-Laser USA's ninth generation of the Mobile Beat, the Mobile Beat Mirage presents a versatile yet accessible system for creating sharp graphics and vividly colourful beam shows. "We looked at the feedback we received from mobile entertainers using previous versions of the Mobile Beat, and took that into consideration when designing the Mirage," Adam Raugh, X-Laser's ... More >>

19 August 2016

Chauvet debuts Ovation batten style fixtures

Chauvet debuts Ovation batten style fixturesUSA - Chauvet Professional is spreading rich vivid colours to more places. Following up on its popular Ovation E-910FC RGBA-Lime ellipsoidal, the company is raising the bar in colour wash and cyc lighting with the introduction of the first Ovation batten style fixtures. Like their ellipsoidal forbearer, the new Ovation B-2805FC and Ovation B-565FC battens feature an RGBA-Lime LED system that creates bolder, more vivid colours and brighter whites. "Our original RGBA-Lime fixture met with a very enthusiastic reception, because it opened a ... More >>

18 August 2016

Tarm two designed for fixed and mobile use

Tarm two designed for fixed and mobile useEurope - With the release of the new tarm two, the Laserworld Group set a significant landmark: This competitively priced laser system is designed for the professional market, and so are the specifications: Together with the 45kpps @ 8° scanners and the ca. 3mm/0.8mrad beam, the guaranteed 2.5W power after aperture with a balance of 680mW/638nm, 750mW/520nm and 1.400mW/450nm make the tarm two suitable for professional to high professional applications. Even at the maximum scan angle of 60° it does 30kpps. The compact, durable ... More >>

17 August 2016

PLASA 2016: Artistic Licence to host Art-Net 4 Zone

PLASA 2016: Artistic Licence to host Art-Net 4 ZoneUK - Artistic Licence, inventor of Art-Net and expert in lighting control, is hosting a dedicated Art-Net stand at this year's PLASA London show. This exciting new initiative - entitled Art-Net 4 Zone (Stand R71) - is supported by PLASA and LSi and seeks to provide expert education and training on the use of Art-Net and related protocols. Thanks to the support of similar-minded sponsor companies, Artistic's formidable expertise will be complemented by a wide range of technical experts who are giving their time to make the event a ... More >>

ETC Eos v2.4 software released

ETC Eos v2.4 software releasedEurope - ETC's Eos family consoles have always provided powerful, customisable lighting control for any environment. With the recent v2.4 software release, that control becomes even more dynamic, with a fader-configuration overhaul and new display options. Upgrades to the software's displays help programmers keep tabs on what's going on in the console - and what's going on in the console's tabs. Tabs now carry contextual labels. New configuration options also allow users to hide, show and re-order columns in the Playback Status Display (... More >>

16 August 2016

Bose now Shipping PowerShare amplifiers

Bose now Shipping PowerShare amplifiersUSA - Bose is now shipping its new PowerShare adaptable power amplifier line, consisting of three 1U models: 2- and 4- channel fixed-install models (PS602 and PS604) and one 2-channel portable amplifier (PS602P). Each model delivers 600 watts of power that can be shared across all output channels. With support for both low- and high-impedance loads up to 100V, PowerShare amplifiers adapt to a wide range of applications. Onboard configurable loudspeaker processing and direct access to zone controllers eliminate the need for an additional ... More >>

10EaZy upgrades measurement software to V2.6

10EaZy upgrades measurement software to V2.6UK - SGAudio Aps' has announced the launch of V2.6 software for its 10EaZy sound level measurement system, available via the 10EaZy website as well as its automatic update system. For users of the full 10EaZy system (excludes RT and SW versions), the new software introduces a number of key new features. These include a measurement résumé in an e-mail body which makes it easy to review measurements at a glance, enabling the user to see if further investigation is needed. A sentence will state if a limit violation was ... More >>

15 August 2016

Elation brings innovation to PLASA 2016

Elation brings innovation to PLASA 2016UK - Elation Professional will bring its most impressive line-up of PLASA products ever to this year's Show at Olympia. Elation will have on hand at Stand C40 an unprecedented line-up of new cutting-edge innovations for entertainment lighting that includes the new Fuze Series of dynamic LED wash lights, ZCL Series of high-output LED effects, and DTW Series of variable white LED lights. Also showing will be the new seven-colour Platinum Seven LED wash luminaire along with a cyclorama wash fixture, the TVL CYC RGBW, an ideal floodlight ... More >>

City Theatrical launches dimmers for LED tape

City Theatrical launches dimmers for LED tapeUSA - City Theatrical has announced the launch of a new group of high quality, constant voltage B-Series dimmers in a variety of capacities and configurations. All partner with City Theatrical QolorFlex professional quality LED tapes. Users can select from either 8 or 16 bit dimming with 16 bit dimming giving extremely smooth low end dimming that will meet the needs of the most demanding designers. 16 bit dimming requires two channels of control per output. 8 bit dimming produces good dimming with only one channel of control per output. ... More >>

11 August 2016

Yamaha and Nexo connect at PLASA 2016

Yamaha and Nexo connect at PLASA 2016UK - Yamaha Commercial Audio and Nexo will be demonstrating the seamless connectivity of their products at PLASA 2016, which takes place at London's Olympia from 18-20 September. The jointly-hosted stand J10 features a unique, zoned design which showcases a range of scaled audio solutions - from the smallest room to the biggest stadium. A significant feature is a comprehensive Dante network, allowing staff to demonstrate the ease with which Yamaha and Nexo products can be seamlessly networked to provide complete, easily managed system ... More >>

10 August 2016

URSA Straps conceal microphone transmitters

URSA Straps conceal microphone transmittersUK - Sound recordist Simon Bysshe and costumier Laura Smith have combined their knowledge and expertise to create URSA Straps, a range of low profile body worn straps designed to conceal radio microphone transmitters. Officially launched this month and now available in the UK and Europe, URSA Straps are made from a specially developed bonded fabric that is ultra-slim and provides excellent stretch, comfort and breathability. Each strap incorporates a pouch to keep the transmitter locked in place and a cable pocket for managing excess ... More >>

JBL introduces HiQnet Performance Manager 2.1

JBL introduces HiQnet Performance Manager 2.1USA - JBL Professional has announced the immediate availability of the new JBL HiQnet Performance Manager 2.1 software update, offering powerful new tools for measuring and tuning live sound reinforcement systems. Performance Manager version 2.1 integrates Rational Acoustics' Smaart acoustic testing and measurement software directly into the Performance Manager workflow, providing audio technicians and engineers with unprecedented access to measurement information - all delivered over the network in real-time. "We are pleased to ... More >>

9 August 2016

BlackTrax releases version 2.0

BlackTrax releases version 2.0Canada - After more than a year and a half of extensive beta testing BlackTrax has released realtime motion tracking system version 2.0. BlackTrax 2.0 has the largest number of new features, GUI and workflow to date. Marty Cochrane, BlackTrax product manager, explained, "A lot of these improvements were developed from customer suggestions, requests and general feedback. This includes better system reporting, real-time chapter programming and more control over fixtures during the calibration process." The new fixture calibration mode ... More >>

New software for DICENTIS conference system

New software for DICENTIS conference systemEurope - The DICENTIS Wireless Conference System is based on a Bosch Smart Wireless Management Software, which ensures interference-free and highly flexible wireless conferencing using standard Wi-Fi technology. This technology frees users from having to search for the best Wi-Fi channel by automatically switching to the strongest channel without interruption. The newly released software version V1.3 offers rental companies or council technicians more comfort and peace of mind when configuring the DICENTIS Wireless Conference System. ... More >>

Shure Microflex Advance microphones shipping now

Shure Microflex Advance microphones shipping nowEurope - Shure has announced that Microflex Advance Ceiling (MXA910) and Table (MXA310) Array microphones are now shipping. This portfolio of premium networked ceiling and table array microphones, audio interfaces, and control software for enhanced A/V conferencing integrate seamlessly into premium meeting space aesthetics, says the company. With the ability to flush-mount the MXA910 alongside standard ceiling tiles, and the innovative new-to-the-world "toroid" polar pattern in the MXA310, these microphones offer a dynamic package of ... More >>

8 August 2016

Chauvet introduces latest Ovation LED

Chauvet introduces latest Ovation LEDUSA - With the introduction of the Ovation E-260WW, users no longer have to sacrifice brightness to enjoy the efficiency offered by LED technology. The new Ovation fixture has an output that exceeds that of an HPL 750W ellipsoidal, says Chauvet. Matching its brightness with efficiency, the new Ovation fixture also has a 50,000-hour LED source life to lower maintenance costs. "The Ovation E-260WW represents a giant step forward in LED ellipsoidals," said Albert Chauvet, CEO of Chauvet. "It is brighter than any other LED ellipsoidal, ... More >>

5 August 2016

Elation launches Fuze Series wash lights

Elation launches Fuze Series wash lightsUSA - Elation Professional has announced the launch of the new Fuze Series of dynamic LED wash luminaires. Using single-lens RGBW COB LEDs for an extremely homogenized field of light and offering a wide palette of colours, Fuze Series lights are lighting solutions for "anywhere a wash of high-quality coloured light is required". Available in moving head and IP65-rated PAR versions, single source RGBW colour mixing gives fully premixed colour looks and an extremely flat field of light. All Fuze Series fixtures offer useful design ... More >>

4 August 2016

Hardware upgrade for sE Reflexion Filter Pro

Hardware upgrade for sE Reflexion Filter ProUK - If you own an sE Reflexion Filter Pro, you can now purchase a hardware upgrade to simplify its ease of use, increase stability, and provide better overall performance and durability. In 2006, sE Electronics released the original Reflexion Filter Pro and created a whole new market of portable acoustic treatment devices. Ten years and six different sE Reflexion Filter products later, the company has sold over 120,000 units worldwide. In May of this year, sE introduced a special 10th Anniversary Reflexion Filter Pro, limited to 1000 ... More >>

Kinesys-ready Pointman hoists for the US market

Kinesys-ready Pointman hoists for the US marketUSA - Kinesys automation customers have a new choice in chain hoists for their systems. After successful testing of several models, Total Structures is has announced that Pointman Electric Chain Hoists have been approved for use with the Elevation drive system. Currently hoists are available in ¼ ton, ½ ton and 1 ton capacities, with maximum speeds ranging from 40 to more than 70ft per minute. All units have the added benefit of complying with the D8+ hoist standard common throughout Europe, offering a 10:1 design factor, dual brake ... More >>

3 August 2016

City Theatrical launches RGBI QolorFlex LED tape

City Theatrical launches RGBI QolorFlex LED tapeUSA - City Theatrical has announced the launch of a new RGBI QolorFlex LED tape developed for professional lighting designers who often need deeper blue accents, backgrounds, and shadings in set lighting. City Theatrical's RGBI LED tape alternates a 5050 RGB chip with a 450nm indigo chip, giving extra powerful, deep blue output. The QolorFlex RGBI strip gives designers the blue that is typically found in an RGB or RGBX (RGB + Amber, RGB +White, etc.) strip, plus an additional even brighter and deeper indigo circuit. Standard RGB LED ... More >>

2 August 2016

Flare debuts Isolate ear protectors

Flare debuts Isolate ear protectorsUK - Isolate by Flare Audio is a new, patent-pending ear protector, a solution for any music and events professional who works in loud sound environments. The ear protectors rival traditional foam or flanged ear plugs and are also ideal for home and other commercial uses, says the company. Launching through crowd-funding site Kickstarter, worldwide call for the product has been proved with the campaign achieving its £25,000 target within 44 hours. Isolate is currently rated number one in the UK and number eight in the world on ... More >>

Powersoft releases Armonia software update

Powersoft releases Armonia software updateItaly - Powersoft has announced the latest software release for its Armonía Pro Audio Suite, which brings substantial enhancements for fixed installation customers looking to remote manage and monitor a network audio system intuitively and dynamically. Armonía v2.8 adds a further set of features including Operator View, which brings to the user's fingertips the ability to customise a new window tab depending on needs. The user can choose from a range of pre-configured objects with the following functionalities: Mute, Gain, Delay, Scene ... More >>

1 August 2016

JTS launches TC-22 replacement capsule

JTS launches TC-22 replacement capsuleUK - FBT UK has announced the launch of the JTS TC-22 replacement condenser capsule for professional wireless mic systems, offering "an unbeatable combination of sound quality and price". Available in two models (one to fit JTS and Shure wireless systems, one to fit Sennheiser systems) the TC-22 offers a wide dynamic range and very low touch noise, making it suitable for stage applications where the highest quality reproduction is required, says the company. Delivering a condenser microphone's characteristic crystal clear mid and high ... More >>

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