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Latest Issue - January 2017


Light & Sound International - January 2017Lee Baldock To start the year, we're taking a look at some of the developments in audio technology in the live sound environment as Simon Allen discusses how far and in what ways new technology improves the lot of sound engineers, the quality of the production and the enjoyment of the audience.
There's plenty more to enjoy – from a look at the polished production for Biffy Clyro's tour, to Brit Row with The Cure and Entec with Kenny Rogers; from theatre paging and relay systems to auditorium lighting (and beyond - see GDS in the news), and from video codecs in media servers to the latest LED lighting batten from GLP.
Among our regular columnists, electrical safety consultant James Eade looks at the certification of electrical systems in The Conductor, Roland Hemming describes a cause for concern in Second Fix, and in Audio File Phil Ward muses on something called a Meteorphonium . . . We also look forward to the ISE exhibition, that enormous umbrella for the cutting edge of interconnected tech. We hope you enjoy the issue . . .

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ReadTF: Sound Advances

Simon Allen discusses recent technological advancements in the management and delivery of live sound

ReadThe 24 Musket Ears

Phil Ward reports on a swashbuckling application of L-Acoustics' new L-ISA immersive sound format

ReadOn Tour: Biffy Clyro

Steve Moles reports from Biffy Clyro's homecoming gig at Glasgow SSE Hydro and discovers a visually dynamic production 'doing loud better'

ReadWinning Ways

Bristol-based technical solutions specialist GDS reveals big plans for its next stage of growth. Lee Baldock reports . . .

ReadShow Preview: ISE, Amsterdam

A round-up of some of the highlights to look out for at the forthcoming ISE exhibition in Amsterdam

ReadKenny Rogers 'Folds 'em' with Entec

The country music legend's London shows closed the UK leg of his farewell tour. Entec Sound & Light provided the production . . .

ReadTF: GLP's X4 Bar 20

Mike Wood assesses the high performance LED batten from the German lighting manufacturer

ReadStages of Development

Founder of Stage Sound Services, Phil Hurley, has come a long way in the 22 years since his initial purchase of three radio mics. Chris Henry reports for LSi . . .

ReadStaying in Touch

LSi talks to Chris Austin, technical sales manager with Autograph Sales & Installations, to find out more about paging and show relay systems

ReadThe New End of the Pier Show

Worthing's Pavilion gets a sound refresh just in time for Panto season. Tim Frost reports . . .

ReadFriday I'm in Cleveland

Phil Ward reports on the latest chapter in Britannia Row's 37-year association with Robert Smith and The Cure




QandAThis month: Phil Ward talks to veteran sound engineer Brian Hillson

"It's about what the client wants, not what the supplier has. You win confidence by listening to their real needs and, if that genuinely is a Parker pen rather than a biro, that's what you should provide. By the same token, if it's the other way round there's no point in pushing the more expensive option."

ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: Media Server Codecs

"Rather than send information about each pixel, information is sent only for those pixels that have changed and the rest of the frame is derived from special 'key frames' that are sent periodically and used for reference."

ReadSecond Fix

Second FixThis month: This really happened. What would you have done?

"This place holds 5,000 people and you say it's going to be fine when it's full. But what if it's half-full? Does it matter if 2,500 people die? What if only 500 people are inside, does it matter if they die?"

ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: Robey Hopkins

"Iron Maiden in 1980 at the much-missed Birmingham Odeon was a bit of a life changer for me . . . age 13, I thought, 'I want to be involved in that!'."

ReadEarly Stagers

Early StagersThis month: Matt Maller

"Try and develop your own working style that makes you stand out and, most of all, enjoy it!"

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: The Wild Brew Yonder

"Stick it in Oklahoma during tornado season and I imagine it would generate some pretty syncopated jazz. That's if you ever found it again. In outer space, where there is no atmosphere, it would play the hits of Boney M."

ReadThe Conductor

The ConductorThis month: Ticking the wrong boxes . . .

". . . a certificate I checked recently had the earthing electrode as the connection to a truck's chassis which rather perplexed me, especially as it had rubber tyres and precious little electrical contact with earth."


Inside our Next Issue . . .

Audio: The Digital Wireless Future • Theatre: The National Theatre Retrospective • Lighting: Philips shows the VL6000 Beam • Profile: Shermann Audio • Review: PLASA Focus Glasgow • Profile: LD Alessandro Carletti


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