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Lighting&Sound International - November 2014Lee BaldockIn this issue I talk to the team at PLASA Events about their new three-year strategy for 'rebooting' the London show, and we report from Glasgow, scene of PLASA's latest regional event success. Our On Tour production report looks at US-based rock band Black Stone Cherry.

We also have reports on a recent lighting installation at Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden, the lighting of BBC's Children in Need fundraiser, and the production of Gypsy at Chichester's Festival Theatre. On the Tech front, award-winning sound designer Gareth Fry assesses the new Yamaha Rivage PM10, the long-awaited successor to the PM1D; sound engineer Simon Allen explores the impressive d&b audiotechnik D80 amplifier; and Richard Cadena looks at Vectorworks 2015 lighting design package in Tech Focus. We also feature Dry Hire Lighting, sound engineer Lee Everett and Finnish rapper Cheek on tour. Thanks to you all for continuing to read and support LSi. We wish you all a very happy holiday. See you in 2015 . . .

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ReadPLASA Re-Focus

Ambitious plans for the future of the PLASA Show were revealed to exhibitors this year. Lee Baldock talks to the team behind the new strategy . . .

ReadOn Tour: Black Stone Cherry

Steve Moles catches up with the latest touring production of American rock band Black Stone Cherry . . .

ReadYamaha Rivage PM10

Yamaha's new Rivage PM10 system is the long-awaited successor to the PM1D. Sound designer Gareth Fry takes a look . . .

ReadTF: The d&b audiotechnik D80 amplifier

"Once upon a time there was a Mr 'D', and a Mr 'B', and their partnership has strongly influenced the audio world of today. Although Mr Daubert and Mr Belz are no longer involved, the company they started continues to be responsible for some significant technological advances in loudspeaker design . . ."

ReadTF: Vectorworks 2015, by Richard Cadena

"The rendering capabilities in the Vectorworks package are truly amazing, as evidenced by some of the renderings I've seen lately, thanks to Renderworks' use of the Cinema 4D render engine . . ."

ReadHow Gypsy Rose to the Occasion

Julie Harper reports on The Mother of Broadway Musicals at Chichester Festival Theatre . . .

ReadA Bit of Finnish Cheek

LSi reports on Finnish rapper Cheek's recent show at Helsinki's Olympic Stadium . . .

ReadSound Choices: Lee Everett

LSi speaks to Lee Everett, FOH engineer for George Ezra, about his audio preferences . . .

ReadHow Does Your Garden Glow?

LSi reports on Edinburgh's Royal Botanic Garden's 'Night in the Garden' experience . . .

ReadDry Hire Lighting

The dry hire lighting market demands high standards and a low profile, while equipment and relationships must be equally well maintained. Lee Baldock visits the eponymous Dry Hire Lighting . . .

ReadPLASA Focus: Glasgow

Claire Beeson reports from the SECC on the inaugural PLASA Focus: Glasgow event . . .

ReadChildren in Need

November saw another successful Children in Need broadcast, both inside and out. LSi reports from Elstree Studios . . .



ReadYesterday's News

Yesterday's News - 20 Years Ago20 Years Ago . . . LSi November 1994

"In a telling sign of the times, an anonymous PLASA Show visitor had written a letter of complaint about certain PLASA exhibitors' use of "eroticism and sexual temptation" to sell their lighting products. "This kind of thing may be acceptable in some Soho backstreet bars, but at the world's leading sound and light exhibition?" said the 'disgusted and disappointed' visitor. "Come on please," he added, "We want to see lights, not tights.""

Yesterday's News - 10 Years Ago10 Years Ago . . . LSi November 2004

"Our November 2004 issue was dominated by the raging controversy over Color Kinetics' US patents covering LED technology - which, among other things, gave them the rights to the control of colour-changing LEDs via pulse width modulation (PWM) - a method that had demonstrably been common since the 1970s. The LED Alliance was formed, led by the bulldog-spirited Brett Kingstone of Florida-based Super Vision International, and the UK's Wayne Howell, founder of Artistic Licence, calling on the industry for prior art on colour mixing."

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: Long Division

"The console also has to be operated by people far too engrossed in Kierkegaard to be worried about buss assignment, although you do need to master the muting and unmuting of channels while using the Qu-Pad remote control app down in the chamber, well away from the console's perch up on a balcony . . ."

ReadClassic Gear

Classic GearThis month: Vari-Lite Artisan

"To my mind, very few lighting consoles now match the sheer presence of the big sound desks - the size, the faders, the light-up surfaces. Lighting used to do much better; unsurprisingly one of the most satisfying consoles in this regard came from a company with its roots in audio: Vari-Lite."


ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: Production coordinator Helen Smith

"'Whatever you do, DO NOT call him Dave' (as I was told about David Bowie). My immediate reaction when meeting the legend? "Alright Dave?""

ReadRecollected Works

Ian DowThis month: Ian Dow recalls lighting Hospital Watch

". . . one of our lights set off the fire alarms, causing a complete wing of the hospital to be evacuated. Mike Smith opened the live show standing in front of a fire engine, saying 'This is a bit of an own goal . . ."


ReadTools from Beyond

EvernoteThis month: Patreon

"As we've seen before, back in May 2013 when we looked at Kickstarter, one of the ways the internet is changing the world is that it allows those who need money for a project to raise it directly from those who have some spare money and just want to see the project done. Such is Kickstarter's success that the technique now has a name, 'crowdfunding', and Kickstarter is no longer alone, copied with minor variations by others. "

ReadRigging Call

Second FixThis month: So what makes a good chain hoist?

"A hoist with 20 brakes could still suffer a chain or hook failure. Far better to use redundancy in numbers, surely, so that in the event of a motor failing for any reason there are sufficient motors remaining to support the load effectively?"


ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: Hippotizer V4 Making a Splash

"When a manufacturer launches with fanfare and the software version jumps a whole number as opposed to a decimal place, you can expect a big leap. So what's all the noise about?"


QandAThis month: Phil Ward talks to Joe Bull, founder of JoeCo . . .

"With the right kind of sound effects, music and other sound reinforcement, the audience goes away with a much richer experience . . ."


View AllVoices in this Issue

". . . the PM10 units unveiled are part of a new 'Rivage' range. It's not a huge leap of the imagination to imagine an updated version of the PM5D further down the line."

Gareth Fry assesses Yamaha's new PM10 'Rivage' console(Technical Review)

"Message to all suppliers: You are missing out if you're not there next year!"

Praise from exhibitors for PLASA Focus Glasgow(PLASA Focus Glasgow)

". . . Brit Row have been fantastic. This is just our second UK arena show . . . already I appreciate how knowledgeable they are."

Brandon Henbest, FOH sound engineer with Black Stone Cherry (On Tour)


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