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Lighting&Sound International - September 2015Lee Baldock Changing Light: Today's LED luminaires are highly sophisticated; they are bright; they employ multiple colour emitters to plug the gappy spectrum of RGB systems; they produce beautiful warm whites; they have smooth, tungsten-emulating dimming curves and cleverly engineered lighting control systems. Trust in LED fixtures has grown, and they are no longer what Tim Atkinson terms the 'blunt instruments' of our recent LED past. As a consequence, technical teams in theatres everywhere are considering the switch to LED. That's the prospect which Tim Atkinson, a specialist consultant in energy efficiency in the entertainment market, considers in our cover feature this issue.

Also inside, Erica Basnicki talks to Nexo, the French loudspeaker manufacturer which has been in the Yamaha stable for the past seven years, about its business strategy, awhile Phil Ward talks to d&b audiotechnik's CEO, Amnon Harman. We also profile visual solutions provider Fix8Group, and rigging load-cell specialist, Eilon Engineering. Then, we have a full production report on AC/DC on tour, the VL4000 BeamWash examined on Mike Wood's test bench, and my report from the Mediatech Africa trade show - a really vibrant event. We hope you enjoy the issue – and as always, your feedback is welcome.

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Lee Baldock

ABC Audited

ABCLSi is ABC Audited.



ReadOn Tour: AC/DC

Steve Moles takes a look at the production behind AC/DC's latest tour, with a focus on lighting, audio, video and staging . . .

ReadDoctor Who Symphonic Spectacular

Erica Basnicki uncovers the sonic tools behind the Timelord's arena adventure . . .

ReadPreview: PLASA 2015, Pt.1

An initial look at expected highlights from PLASA 2015 including info on seminars and the Rigging Conference . . .

ReadBBC: Advances in Audio

Erica Basnicki reports from the BBC's Sound: Now and Next conference . . .

ReadChanging Light

Tim Atkinson looks at the challenges, pitfalls and advantages of adopting LED stage lighting rigs . . .

ReadEvent Technologists: FIX8Group

LSi meets one of the most exciting visual solutions teams the UK has to offer . . .

ReadProfile: Nexo

Erica Basnicki crosses the Channel to Paris for rare insider access to Nexo's business philosophy and product strategy . . .

ReadEilon: From NASA to Metallica

Kate Lyons profiles one of the world's leading experts on load monitoring safety devices

ReadReview: Mediatech Africa

Lee Baldock reports from Mediatech Africa, the continent's leading exhibition for entertainment, broadcast and media technologies . . .

ReadRCF at Harrogate's Royal Hall

The Harrogate venue's new RCF PA system

ReadTechnical Focus: VL4000 Beam Wash

Mike Wood examines the features and performance of the Philips Vari-Lite VL4000 Beam Wash . . .

ReadSummer Lights Shootout

LD Tim Routledge stages a shootout . . .

ReadTechnical Focus: VUE h-12

Mark Johnson looks at the VUE Audiotechnik h-12 loudspeaker . . .

ReadDBSL on the Festival Circuit

Claire Beeson reports as DBSL takes on its biggest contract to date . . .



ReadYesterday's News

Yesterday's News - 20 Years Ago20 Years Ago . . . LSi September 1995

"Our lead news item this month was that Vari-Lite had initiated a patent infringement action against High End Systems (HES), seeking damages and an injunction against the manufacture of the Status Cue and Cyberlight."

Yesterday's News - 10 Years Ago 10 Years Ago . . . LSi September 2005

"R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe dominated our cover this month, photographed by LSi's then-assistant editor Sarah Rushton-Read during the band's performance at the Live8 concert at Hyde Park, London. "

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: Gnocchi Horror Show

"Each zone is dedicated to different film genres and, since this was the home of the Spaghetti Western, there's a fully recreated Western town with a saloon bar, gun-slinging actors and the music of Ennio Morricone pumping out of the Bose FreeSpace and Panaray loudspeakers."

ReadClassic Gear

Classic GearThis month: Strand IDM

"Hard to believe, now, but after a lighting designer had finished balancing their latest beautiful state, there used to be a pause in proceedings while the person operating the manual console picked up their pencil and their paper cuesheet . . ."


ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: promoter's rep, Graeme Nash

"Mostly I've been repping (big breath) Brandi Carlisle, The Australian Pink Floyd Show, Logic, Sleeping with Sirens / Pierce The Veil, Bellowhead, Seasick Steve, James Arthur and Ariana Grande."

ReadTools from Beyond

DuckDuckGoThis month: DuckDuckGo

"Trouble is, there aren't many alternatives to Google left, and most operate in the same way trying to ape that success, down to the 'personalised' search results meaning that different people see different answers to the same query depending on their search history."


ReadRigging Call

Rigging CallThis month: In praise of examination schemes . . .

"What's the point of paying someone to log for the Nth time shackles that are still as good as new when hemps, slings or chain bags . . . are falling apart?"

ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: Moving Projectors, into the Future

"I think projection has a great future in entertainment lighting. As projectors continue to get brighter, smaller, and more affordable, there will be more digital lights on the market from which to choose . . ."



QandAThis month: Phil Ward talks to Amnon Harman, CEO of d&b audiotechnik . . .

"We are operating in territories that are completely different from each other and, if you look at the Americas, EMEA and APAC, the cultures are hugely varied. This means a variation in our target markets, and a variation in the development of our company."


View AllVoices in this Issue

"I had transport controls for the playback system and multiple hot keys on the surface of the SD7. Every time I needed a Sonic Screwdriver sound, I could just hit a button and out came the Sonic Screwdriver!"

Phil Wright enters the TARDIS (Doctor Who)

". . . these guys grew up with huge PAR can rigs and are accustomed to the heat and intensity of those shows and the VLs do have heat. No, it's not PAR can heat, but it's hot enough, and that gets them going."

LD Charlie Wilson on giving his AC/DC rig an old-school feel (On Tour)

"There's certainly a lot to consider when we look at the nature of the changing light in our theatres - there's no definitive answer to the question, 'Should I invest?' - rather, ultimately, when making a choice, we need to be satsfied that we have adequately answered the question 'Why do I need it?'."

Tim Atkinson on adopting LED lighting (Changing Light)


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On Tour: Neil Diamond • PLASA '15 Preview Pt.2 • Shure's 90th Anniversary • Profiles: Specialz & EM Acoustics • Arts Funding & Technical Theatre


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