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Latest Issue - October 2016


Light & Sound International - October 2016Lee Baldock If you decided not to visit the PLASA Show at Olympia last month, you missed out. After a few years of struggling to find its characteristic energy, the show has finally found it again. It was in West London. We have a round-up of all the news from the show floor in this issue.

There is another tale of Olympian success in this issue - the production of the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Olympic Games, which graces our cover. We also have a focus on Namibia's burgeoning production industry, a look at the latest tour by Andrea Bocelli, technical reviews of DPA and CODA Audio products, a feature on the NT's River Stage summer season, interviews with Morrissey's sound engineer, LD Rick Fisher, Colin Kavanagh (the new head of Philips Entertainment lighting), Jerry Gilbert's latest look back at our industry's product development in Tech Trail - and lots more.

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ReadRio's Opening Ceremony

Alan Hardiman reports from Rio de Janerio on the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Olympic Games where he finds a production taking a step back from the all-out technical wizardry of recent years in favour of analogue inventiveness and Brazil's famous carnival spirit taking centre stage . . .

ReadSilver Smith

Phil Ward quizzes FOH engineer David J Millward on mixing the mercurial Morrissey . . .

ReadOn Tour: Andrea Bocelli

Steve Moles finds the crew enjoying the luxury of touring over the star's more usual one-off shows . . .

ReadProlight's New Concepts

Prolight Concepts celebrated 20 years of business with a present to itself, Claire Beeson reports . . .

ReadPLASA Bounces Back!

Kate Lyon, Steve Moles, Phil Ward, David Barbour, Claire Beeson and Lee Baldock, report from the show floor . . .

ReadRiver Stage

The National Theatre's River Stage hit London's South Bank this summer. LSi looks at its technical solutions . . .

ReadTech Trail: Truss & Rigging

In the first of a two-part feature, LSi highlights some of the figurative lynch-pins in the history of trussing and rigging . . .

ReadGrand Projections

Singapore stages the world's biggest 360°, real-time, tracking 3D projection mapping. Sara Jacobo reports . . .

ReadFocus on Namibia

Louise Stickland takes a roadtrip across Namibia and meets the key players in the region's burgeoning entertainment technology industry . . .

ReadEntertainment in Focus

Lee Baldock talks to Philips' newly appointed head of Entertainment Lighting, Colin Kavanagh . . .

ReadTech Focus: Coda Audio's AiRAY

Simon Allen looks at Coda Audio's AiRAY line array system.

ReadRevolution in the Headphone

Sennheiser's AMBEO 3D Audio system is bringing the '60s back to life at the V&A, reports Phil Ward . . .

ReadTech Focus: DPA d:vote 4066

Mark Johnson reviews the DPA d:vote 4066 instrument microphone and its accessories . . .




QandAThis month: Elliot Herman talks to lighting designer Rick Fisher

"It's important to build good relationships with the whole team, since it's very much a collaboration. If it weren't for the set, and costumes, and sound, we wouldn't have a show."

ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: Bringing HDR to the Stage

"The performer only looks good on the video displays if the camera is shaded for the performer, in which case everything else in the picture will be way too dark to see any detail. In a wide shot that shows the entire stage, the performer in the spotlight will be blown out and look like a ghost. Meanwhile, all the detail will be lost."

ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: Michael Chong

"I love music . . . It's great meeting bonkers, lovely, kind, warm people . . . having fun with work chums and forgetting to go to bed."

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: Symptoms of Acidity

". . . The Sennheiser headsets really come into their own in conjunction with the audio guide technology that brings, say, footage of Woodstock to vivid, 3D life. As you walk through the gallery, just the feedback from Jimi Hendrix's solo rendition of The Star Spangled Banner will incite you to agitate, or at least write a stiff letter to your local MP."

ReadRecollected Works

Recollected WorksThis month: Grand Prix past and present

"The trucks are kept immaculate, and Bernie insists they park with their consecutive number plates in order. However, the drivers find it easier to park them as they arrive, and then swap the plates."

ReadRigging Call

Rigging CallThis month: PLASA Rigging Conference 2016

"Mark posed a number of thought-provoking questions including 'Why has everything turned yellow?' This relates to the widely held belief that wearing a hi-vis at work is mandatory, an example of how misinterpreted legislation is failing us all."


Inside our Next Issue . . .

Theatre: On Tour: Bad Company • Tech Trail: Truss & Rigging, Part Two • Company Profile: Lamp & Pencil • Theatre Sound: Aladdin • Tech Focus: klang:fabrik • Live Event: Chic in Rome




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