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Lighting&Sound International - July 2016Lee Baldock Arts Fundamentals: Whatever the future holds for the UK in this post-Brexit Referendum climate, we do know that ours is a resilient and resourceful industry. In this issue, Julie Harper takes a look at how arts cuts have affected our regional theatres, and how technical teams have responded to the challenges . . .

Tech Trail: Jerry Gilbert provides us with another look back at how the innovations of the past have shaped our industry. This time it's the turn of Big Screen Video - from the cumbersome Imag projection systems of the '70s through to the integration of screens and pixels into set.

Also in this issue we have Rob Halliday's tribute to the late, great lighting designer Francis Reid, a salutary tale of planning permissions affecting London music venue KOKO, 3D projections for an opera production in Beijing and a visit to the Tim Routledge Lighting Design studio. We also have Beverley Knight on tour, plus technical reviews of Shure's QLXD4 Digital Wireless System, Robe's seven-colour DL7S Profile, and Chauvet's Ovation ED-190WW LED profile spot. Our next issue will be September: look out for a few changes . . .

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ReadOn Tour: Beverley Knight

Steve Moles reports from Sheffield City Hall on Beverley Knight's rousing, one-truck tour. . .

ReadReview: ABTT

In its second year at London's Alexandra Palace, the ABTT Theatre Show seemed to maintain its ever-popular character, despite being visited by the twin plagues of flood and referendum. Lee Baldock and Claire Beeson present a few highlights from the show floor . . .

ReadTech Trail: Big Screen Video

From heavy metal rock festival origins to a staple of live productions, Jerry Gilbert charts the rise of big screen video . . .

Read3D Dvořàk

3D projections were used for the first Czech opera staged in China. Mike Clark reports . . .

ReadArts Fundamentals

With successive cuts to arts funding continuing to take their toll on the UK's regional theatres, Julie Harper talks to the technical departments of three venues to find out how they have adapted . . .

ReadKOKO Makes the Right Noises

Phil Ward reports on a salutary lesson for urban venues . . .

ReadTech Focus: Shure's QLXD4

Mark Johnson looks at Shure's QLXD4 Digital Wireless Combo System

ReadSoundscapes for RADA

A RADA production of Kindertransport created innovative, impressionistic soundscapes using wireless microphones, in-ear monitoring and loudspeakers. LSi reports . . .

ReadTech Focus: Robe's Robin DL7S

This month Mike Wood tests one of the newest LED-based automated spot luminaires - the Robe Robin DL7S Profile . . .

ReadGrand Designs

Lee Baldock visits the studio of Tim Routledge Lighting Design . . .

ReadTech Focus: Chauvet Ovation E-910FC

Mike Wood also examines the colour version in Chauvet Professional's Ovation family, the Ovation E-910FC. Similar styling, but this time with a five-colour LED light engine . . .

ReadFirst look: PLASA 2016!

The PLASA Show is striving for a more interactive showcase for 2016. Here, in the first part of our show preview, we take a look at some early expected highlights . . .




QandAThis month: Elliot Herman talks to Anne Valentino, controls product manager for ETC

"One of my favourite parts of my work is seeing it in use in theatre. It's a pretty big thrill to walk into a production that takes full advantage of the multi-console operation and the features that have vastly matured in the past 10 years . . ."

ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: Put Your Gels Away

". . . the L7-C Fresnel is a fully tunable white light that allows you to match the colour at any location. In a matter of moments I can dial to any one of those colour temperatures with a minor tweak of the knob on the side of the light. It's that simple."

ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: Andy Coates

"I'll always remember Jim Tinsley saying to me "Don't run away little Andy Coates as I'll find you.""

ReadRigging Call

Rigging CallThis month: From Road Safety to Rigging

"The Klippan seat belts were fitted in Volvo Amazons and 544s from 1959 and so successful was the webbing product that the co-owner of Klippan, Erik Ehnimb, founded the SpanSet company in Malmö in 1966 . . ."

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: On a Clair Day

"There are other synergies. In South America, for example, some countries can purchase a system made by Clair Brothers and also rent something similar from Clair Global if there's a shortfall . . .""

ReadClassic Gear

Classic GearThis month: The Jack Plug

"...the quarter-inch jack, which can trace its history all the way back to the late 19th century: the picture on the 1895 patent looks very like the connector we know today."

ReadTools from Beyond

3D MiceThis month: Tile

"Some tools are just a pain. Take the card-reading security PIN device my bank makes me use to access it online. Secure, yes. But, ever since my children spirited it away to some unknown place in the house, it's become hyper-secure since even I can't get into the account."


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"We try to identify which shows are easier to put in, so we can alter our practises by scheduling a lighter show to follow something that put a lot of demands on the staff. This kept man hours down and minimised expenditure on overtime."

Tim Mackrill, technical manager of the Palace Theatre, Redditch, talks with Julie Harper about arts funding cuts (Arts Fundamentals)

"That is odd, because KOKO's JBL VerTec system crosses over at 100Hz - so they ignored something like 30,000W of bass bin."

Consultant Richard Vivian talks to Phil Ward about live music venue KOKO's sound victory (KOKO Makes the Right Noises )


Inside our Next Issue . . .

On Tour: Coldplay • PLASA Show Preview! • Tech Trail: Festival Sound • LD Atul Sonpal • Royal Windsor Horse Show • Enlightened in Profile • Tech Focus: MA dot2, GLP GT-1, Nexo ID Series & Meyer Sound MJF-208

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