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Lighting&Sound International - November 2014Lee BaldockThe near future is likely to bring increasingly stringent requirements for businesses to demonstrate environmental responsibility - and, as Tim Atkinson points out in his Entertaining Sustainability column in this issue, the COP21 meeting of the UN in Paris later this year might just be the trigger. Potentially onerous new regulations will come, sooner or later, and those companies which are actively pursuing environmental policies will be at the head of the pack when the time comes.

Also inside, we have Steve Moles' report on the production of Queen's hugely popular current tour, with Adam Lambert in the frontman role. Mike Clark reports from Italy on an unusual event which drew on the services of the world's leading Olympic Games Ceremonies producers – for a rather spectacular wedding. Plus we have an interview with Stageco founder Hedwig de Meyer; a report on Unusual's services for the touring production of Barnum The Musical; Lenny Kravitz's touring production; an interview with Carol Scott of TAIT Towers; a Technical Focus on the 24/Eight Pocket Console and other DMX test tools - and more . . .

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ReadOn Tour: Queen with Adam Lambert

Steve Moles reports from the Leeds First Direct Arena where he takes an in-depth look at Queen's latest tour, with Adam Lambert fulfilling vocal duties . . .

ReadWedding Spectacular

When the daughter of an Indian magnate decided she wanted to be married in the beautiful southern Italian region of Apulia, her father commissioned Balich Worldwide Shows for the three-day event's creative direction and executive production. Mike Clark reports . . .

ReadTechnical Focus: 24/Eight Pocket Console

" The Pocket Console can also be used to run some shows. It wasn't meant to run the Super Bowl Halftime show, but it can be used as a fader wing if the main console can take a DMX trigger . . . "

ReadVioletta: The Lyon Kings

Phil Ward looks at the audio system for Disney's touring production, Violetta . . .

ReadProjects in Pictures

Super Sharpys Shine at Huddersfield's Victoria Tower; VER-Live with Ellie Goulding at the Royal Variety Performance . . .

ReadHedwig Rides to the Future

This year Stageco publishes a special book to mark its 30th anniversary. Steve Moles talks to company founder, Hedwig de Meyer . . .

ReadProjects in Pictures

Downing Street's Christmas Tree heralds the International Year of Light . . .

ReadLenny Kravitz's Good Impression

Lighting designer Steve Cohen created a striking show for Lenny Kravitz, making extensive use of GLP's Impression range . . .

ReadBarnum's Unusual Demands

LSi reports as Unusual Rigging takes to the tight rope with Barnum the Musical . . .

ReadNew Products

A look at new product offerings . . .



ReadYesterday's News

Yesterday's News - 20 Years Ago20 Years Ago . . . LSi February 1995

""The implications for the industry could be enormous," said LSi this month, after The Really Useful Theatre Company's insurers had paid out on an £878,000 claim for nine cancelled performances of Sunset Boulevard. The problem was caused by hydraulics control equipment being affected by nearby walkie-talkies - and the insurers promptly pursued the manufacturer of the equipment, Berendsen Fluid Power Ltd, for the money. "This is precisely the scenario that the forthcoming EMC regulations are designed to eliminate," said PLASA's standards officer, George Thomson."

Yesterday's News - 10 Years Ago10 Years Ago . . . LSi February 2005

""Barco acquires System Technologies" was our lead headline this month. Founded by Frederic Opsomer in 1995, System Technologies specialised in creative designs for special projects in the rental and staging markets. Barco, the Belgian visual systems giant, said that the company would be renamed Innovative Designs and "would maintain its own infrastructure and facilities. "

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: A Tale of Two Cities

"This is where the organisation's newly acquired SSL L500 console was first put through its paces, trying to overcome the kind of tiled reflections that would have many a sound engineer reaching for the smelling salts."

ReadClassic Gear

Classic GearThis month: QLab

"What makes a classic piece of gear? In my mind, one factor has been something that causes a dramatic shift in the way we work - because curiously, many in the entertainment technology world show no fear of new tools, and once the pioneers accept them they tend to spread rapidly."


ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: Lighting maintenance technician, Justin Cook

"I started playing with lights aged 12 in my tiny home town of Levin, New Zealand. Left school at 16 to run a followspot on a NZ tour of Porgy & Bess and haven't looked back. Earning $400 a week at that age beats chasing sheep around a field!"

ReadEntertaining Sustainability

Entertaining SustainabilityThis month: Environmental Strategy

"Tom Harper has been engaged as the company's Sustainability Coordinator. I'm thrilled to hear that this is a post that companies within the industry are creating, and Unusual are to be congratulated for it."


ReadTools from Beyond

EvernoteThis month: Virtualisation

"It says quite something about the tremendous advances in the power of the computer on your desktop - or your lap - that whereas it used to struggle to keep up with you, it now not only takes everyday tasks in its stride - but can also happily run a completely separate 'virtual' computer inside itself, effectively turning one computer into two. "

ReadRigging Call

Rigging CallThis month: Points for Thought

". . . to my way of thinking the most sensible and competent approach is to treat any equipment used in entertainment rigging according to risk, irrespective of its designation. Inspect or thoroughly examine as appropriate. Record as appropriate."


ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: ETC Nomad with Pixel Mapping

"Setting up the display to which the content will be mapped is quick and easy. Within a matter of a few keystrokes you can have an array of pixels displayed graphically on the Pixel Map space showing the status of each pixel . . ."


QandAThis month: Lee Baldock talks to Carol Scott of Tait Towers. . .

"I realised that my forte was actually organising getting all the right things in the right place at the right time - that's really what I like doing. I like budgets and technology, I like the math of a lighting design . . .""


View AllVoices in this Issue

"I do like to take my images from close to stage, and I do like to take those iconic rock star poses, which this band does really well . . . Lovely shots into the lights, and Rob [Sinclair], bless him, has put in a wall of back-light, so plenty of flare in the background - it's all very '70s."

Video director Steve Price talks to Steve Moles (On Tour: Queen)

"Originally we had done what everyone else did - build scaffold wings and support a roof off of them - but the tower system was faster and provided a more open stage space. Two years later we built a better system. That was our luxury, we had the time to learn. If you're at the beginning of a new industry you have the room to make mistakes."

Stageco founder Hedwig de Meyer talks to Steve Moles (Stageco)

"If you haven't heard of Disney's Violetta, don't worry. It's an Argentinian musical soap - in Spanish, telenovela - with overtones of Hannah Montana. Think of it as Evita in a training bra."

Phil Ward looks at a Disney production with Meyer Sound kit . . . (The Lyon Kings)


Inside our Next Issue . . .

On Tour: Royal Blood • Front Desk Enquiry: Mixer Update • ISE Review • Cirque du Soleil's Kooza • Prolight+Sound Preview • TF: Martin's MAC Quantum Profile

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