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Lighting&Sound International - July 2015Lee Baldock In this issue we look at two lavish productions - Take That's current tour and Eurovision in Vienna - both stunning shows. We also talk to Belgian lighting design firm, Painting with Light, report on Hawthorn-supplied lighting (designed by LD Mark Henderson) for Mark Knopfler's current tour, look at the first UK installation of Meyer Sound's beam-steering CAL loudspeaker range, and visit Hyde Park to see how Capital Sound ticked all the boxes at this year's British Summertime Festival.

We also talk to South Africa's Prosound about their audio operations and international project work, and provide a line-up of technical features covering lighting, control and video subjects - including the Mythos from Clay Paky and the MAGICDOT-R from Ayrton, the latest generations of wireless DMX devices, and the features of the MediaMaster 4 from ArKaos. In addition to that we have an interview with Graham Cochrane from Adlib Audio's new Glasgow office, plus our regular columnists.

Finally, we have a brief round-up of highlights from the ABTT Theatre Show in June, while our full photo ABTT 2015 gallery can be seen on our facebook page ( Don't forget to 'Like'!

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ReadTake That Live 2015

Steve Moles takes an indepth look at Take That's spectacular touring production with a focus on lighting, sound, rigging, video and more . . .

ReadEurovision: Vienna 2015

Sarah Rushton-Read reports on the production behind the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest in Vienna . . .

ReadTechnical Focus: Clay Paky's Mythos

Mike Wood examines the features and performance of one of Clay Paky's latest generation of hybrid lights, the Mythos . . .

ReadTechnical Focus: Ayrton's MAGICDOT-R

Mike Wood examines Ayrton's new LED effect light . . .

ReadTracking Mark Knopfler

Kate Lyon reports on Mark Knopfler's Tracker tour, with new elements including lighting by LD Mark Henderson . . .

ReadBritish Summertime with MLA

LSi discovers how the Barclaycard presents British Summertime Festival in Hyde Park is keeping the neighbours happy without compromising on-site sound levels . . .

ReadPainting with Light

Louise Stickland visits Genk in Belgium for the official opening of design practice Painting with Light's new office at the C-mine complex, and chats with founder Luc Peumans about the eye-catching new space, the company's background, success and plans for the future . . .

ReadABTT Theatre Show 2015: Review

News from the show floor . . .

ReadProtecting the Industry

PLASA's new Rental Guard initiative provides the industry with powerful tools to assist in the fight against theft and fraud. Claire Beeson reports . . .

ReadMeyer's CAL debuts in the UK

Meyer Sound's self-powered steerable column array loudspeaker, CAL (Column Array Loudspeaker), recently made its UK debut in an installation at the prestigious St Paul's Girls' School. Erica Basnicki reports . . .

ReadProsound in Profile

Readers will recall Prosound from our April issue, in their role as South African representative for ETC. That said, as the company's name suggests, their roots are in audio and they are very active in both production and sales. Steve Moles reports . . .

ReadTechnical Focus: Wireless Wisdom

Richard Cadena on the forward march of wireless DMX



ReadYesterday's News

Yesterday's News - 20 Years Ago20 Years Ago . . . LSi July 1995

"'Wholehog II Flies the Nest' we reported this month. "The "first production batch of consoles left their West London home in June following an exhaustive testing period and are bound for far-reaching global destinations," including New York, Orlando and South Korea. Distributor AC Lighting was organising group demonstrations of the new control desk in response to a backlog of demo' requests from potential users . . ."

Yesterday's News - 10 Years Ago 10 Years Ago . . . LSi July 2005

"Back in 2005 the trial of Simon Brophy, the infamous former head of lighting at the Millennium Dome, had come to a close and the fraudster who helped himself to almost £4m of the Dome's management company's money was awaiting sentencing, along with his accomplice David Gordon, after both had pleaded guilty. In 1999, Brophy had used his position to award significant lighting contracts to a new company called Pro Design Ltd, which he and Gordon had recently set up - despite new companies being barred from the process under the NMEC's procurement rules."

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: Orange Juice. . .

"Whether proprietary or not, new digital ways of doing what we used to do with analogue without batting an eyelid are taking over . . ."

ReadClassic Gear

Classic GearThis month: The Beamlight

"It's a curious contradiction that much of the light we (at least, those who don't spend most of their lives in darkened theatres!) live by is the parallel rays from the sun, yet most of the light we light with isn't, beams diverging rapidly as they issue from the lens of a fixture. "

ReadThe Conductor

The ConductorThis month: Thermal Effects

"The 'don't set fire to anything' mantra includes the distribution cabling and kit itself . . ."


ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: LD, Simon D. Michalak

"Currently, mostly LD & PM for The Dreamboys - a radical departure from rock 'n' roll. I also look after a couple of lovely music festivals in Borneo and point lights at Ray Davies when he decides he needs me."

ReadRecollected Works

Recollected WorksThis month: A Blott (and a lion) on the Landscape

"When I received a copy of the temp's letter to the security company, on BBC headed paper, she had quoted me word for word: "Dear Sirs, We want a man and dog in Bristol overnight Thursday and Friday. The man should be called Ron, we don't care what the dog's called."


ReadTools from Beyond

MailRouteThis month: MailRoute

"It's a curious thing: this column has covered lots of tools offering the potential for efficient online collaboration amongst project groups. Yet in most cases, people just stick with email. Which works, of course, until everyone starts cc:ing everyone else and it's impossible to follow. And unless you have to sort through a mass of junk mail in order to read the messages you actually care about."

ReadSecond Fix

Second FixThis month: Compressed Timescales

"It seems that no matter what the project, people consistently ask for things to be done at the last minute. Compressed timescales seem to be part of life for us. In general we are a reactive industry; we can't do our bit until others have done theirs."


ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: High Dynamic Range

"Amazon and Netflix are both promising to stream HDR content later on this year. As these new capabilities are rolled out and people get used to seeing the best possible picture, then HD, standard dynamic range, Rec. 709, and 24 frames per second will start to look like your grandfather's video . . ."


QandAThis month: Phil Ward talks to Graham Cochrane of Adlib . . .

"It was a year's work, concentrating on all the musical content with the live bands - a combination of television, theatre and live rock all rolled into one - and I loved it."


View AllVoices in this Issue

"Almost the entire performing area is in front of the PA, so I do spend the night on all three vocalists' mic channels, but they know the problems and are very helpful in the way they sing and manage the mics when not using them."

Gary Bradshaw talks FOH audio with Steve Moles(Take That)

"The vision for Eurovision 2015 is the bridge from the past to the present and the future. The eye is a symbol of this bridge - a mutual respect between cultures, countries and people."

TV director Kathrin Zechner explains Eurovision's design concept (Eurovision)

"I was very interested in doing more music-oriented productions after the Kate Bush show. I have a great affinity and passion for music and so it suits me perfectly to be given the opportunity. Mark's music is full of atmosphere and mood and so is perfect for creating settings and landscapes for the music to work in - very theatrical in fact!"

Mark Henderson on lighting Mark Knopfler (Tracking Knopfler)


Inside our Next Issue . . .

On Tour: AC/DC • PLASA '15 Preview Pt.1 • Lyric Hammersmith • VL4000 BeamWash Mediatech Africa • Profiles: Nexo, Fix8 & Eilon Engineering • Changing Light: LED



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