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Lighting&Sound International - November 2015Lee Baldock PLASA Show: Alongside our PLASA Show report in this issue, we discuss the PLASA Show's plan to return to West London in 2016, and the broad changes within the PLASA organisation. The changes provide an opportunity to look forward and for the London show to re-establish itself at the heart of our industry - as an unbeatable environment for learning, for developing business, forging new relationships, and exposing the next generation to the infectious industry bug. Let's all get behind it and make sure PLASA 2016 is a great event.

On Tour: David Gilmour's solo tour, which saw the Pink Floyd legend reunited with his old company Britannia Row Productions and Floyd's brilliant lighting designer Marc Brickman, is reviewed in depth by Steve Moles.

Also in this issue, we have an update on the BEIRG campaign to protect our sector's use of radio frequency, and we highlight the work of SiPA - an alliance of interested parties dedicated to improving the long-term sustainability of our industry.

Finally, this issue of LSi - the 347th - quietly marks the 30th anniversary of the magazine's launch by publisher John Offord back in November 1985. Expect to see some exciting developments in the months ahead as we enter our 31st year. And as always, thank you for continuing to read, and support, LSi.

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Lee Baldock

ABC Audited

ABCLSi is ABC Audited.



ReadOn Tour: David Gilmour

Steve Moles catches up with this acclaimed touring production, covering lighting design by Marc Brickman, audio provided by Britannia Row Productions, plus video, staging and more . . .

ReadJody Chiang's Farewell

LSi talks to LD Mitsumasa Hayashi about his design for the farewell tour of Jody Chiang

ReadPLASA Awards for Innovation: The Winners

This year, 31 products were nominated with eight Awards for Innovation presented, including the prestigious Gold Award . . .

ReadProduction Park: The North

Steve Moles visits the newly-rebranded, multi-faceted operation . . .

ReadReview: PLASA 2015

News highlights from this year's busy PLASA Show, rounded up by the LSi team of Steve Moles, Phil Ward, Kate Lyon, Claire Beeson and Lee Baldock . . .

ReadFree to Air

Phil Ward chairs a round-table discussion on all things spectrum with BEIRG luminaries Alan March, Tuomo Tolonen and Duncan Bell

ReadSIPA: Sustainability in Production Alliance

Tim Atkinson discusses the new multi-organisation initiative which aims to set real goals for a sustainable entertainment production industry over the next decade . . .

ReadProfile: Order from ArKaos

LSI talks to the Belgian media server specialist . . .

ReadTF: DPA d:fine headset mics

Sound engineer Simon Allen assesses the latest headset mics from the successful Danish manufacturer . . .

ReadProduct News

Round-Up of latest technology from across the industry

ReadTF: Elation's Platinum FLX

This month we are looking at an offering from Elation Professional - the Platinum FLX, an addition to their Platinum range



ReadYesterday's News

Yesterday's News - 20 Years Ago20 Years Ago . . . LSi November 1995

"Our 10th anniversary issue had news of the PLASA Show moving to a new home . . . Following a successful 1995 show in Earls Court 2, the Association had announced a new five-year deal with organiser P&O Events and the show's relocatation to Earls Court 1 in September 1996, when it would run alongside the British Music Fair."

Yesterday's News - 10 Years Ago 10 Years Ago . . . LSi November 2005

"LSI reported on Liverpool's series of events in the run-up to its tenure as European Capital of Culture in 2008. Lee Forde, a former rock 'n' roll lighting designer and now general manager of the Liverpool Culture Company, was the man responsible for putting the city on a world stage . . ."

ReadAudio File

Phil WardThis month: Breaking the Cycle

"You can see it in the current shift from rental to installation: increasing ownership of monitors and in-ears, then FOH control, by the bands; allied to ownership of speaker rigs by venues in a widespread alteration of touring business models."

ReadClassic Gear

Classic GearThis month: Arri Imagine

"Imagine pulled off the remarkable trick of being instantly recognisable as a lighting control (24 faders to the left, playback faders in the middle, keypad centre, level wheel to the right, then grand-master, then a new-style 3.5" floppy drive), yet at the same time with its colour-coded, precise, clicky keys, compact form and sharp lines feeling immediately cleaner, more modern than its rivals. "


ReadCrew Cuts

Crew CutsThis month: Production manager Mark Dawson

"My schoolmates wouldn't let me join their band because I couldn't sing or play an instrument. So I managed them and organised their gigs. Then I started to realise you could make a living out of it . . ."

ReadTools from Beyond

GhosteryThis month: Hoverboards

"Stand on the platform and it will just hold itself magically upright. Lean forward and, rather than tipping over, it moves forward; lean to one side and it turns. It's clever, fun and, as countless YouTube videos attest, easy to crash spectacularly."


ReadRigging Call

Rigging CallThis month: The PLASA Rigging Conference 2015 . . .

"The age-old issues about insufficient time being allowed to safely carry out technical work (and not just rigging) should be a thing of the past if the principles of the Regulations are followed. The right questions will be asked of the right people at the right time . . ."

ReadVideo Matters

Richard CadenaThis month: ImageCue Media Server

"Makers and innovators are adding value to off-the-shelf components, resulting in some big steps forward in tiny products that deliver big results. ImageCue falls into that category . . ."



QandAThis month: Sarah Rushton-Read talks to lighting designer Terry Cook . . .

"Five years ago, I would never have described myself as a lighting designer, but by the nature of my development with WBD I've become one . . ."


View AllVoices in this Issue

"Our intention is to enable a performer - it could be a lighting designer or a musician - to drive digital media directly from their favourite controller and, by minimising the interaction with our software, make our technology seamless and transparent, even to a beginner"

Marco Hinic talks all things ArKaos (Order from ArKaos)

"I remember doing a dress rehearsal with Pink Floyd years ago at the Joe Robbie stadium in Miami. Steve O'Rourke, the band's manager came up to me during one song - I forget exactly which, but it was a quieter, more reflective number - and said, 'make it louder'. I replied, 'Why? Where are we going to go when the loud stuff comes?"

FOH engineer Colin Norfield on resisting management pressure (David Gilmour)

"The seemingly never ending threat of ever-decreasing spectrum, with the 800MHz clearance followed now by the 700MHz clearance and then the introduction of white space, inevitably means the reduction in quantity together with degradation in quality of the remaining spectrum."

Duncan Bell on PMSE issues (Free to Air)


Inside our Next Issue . . .

On Tour: Imagine Dragons • Theatre: Sinatra at The Palladium • Britannia Row at 40 • Stage: North by Northwest • L-Acoustics in Profile • TF: LSC's Clarity Reviewed

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